The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World by Gusty McCabe

22 Jul

CritterIt is too often in today’s technological minded world that we rely on an Alarm Clock or even a cell phones alarm to get us up in the morning. Things have not always been as easy as many older farmers will tell you it was the animals that woke one up in the morning.

In the Gusty McCabe book, The Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World, a new world finds itself asleep. The critters were just scattered across the land waiting for a sign to arise from their slumber.

This signal comes with a sound and the first sign of life beginning as the sun began to rise. The critters spread out to find their homes and make a life for themselves. Everyone even a coyote finds himself a place to live. The coyote has one problem though after a good rest he needs to find himself some food.

It is here in this beautifully illustrated book, by Brandee Snyder, that we find the coyote searching for his idea of food.  The coyote finds his prey but at the same time he unwittingly finds the Most Important Critter in the Whole Wide World.

Gusty McCabe uses simple prose to tell his story and the story is a good one. It is fitting for children of all ages, and is helped by the great illustrations by Snyder. The story moves at a good pace and will keep a child interested, even those with smaller attention spans.

The story also helps to give the reader an insight into the mind of a Coyote. The reader can find out why they act the way they do. The question of why they yip and howl at the moon can be found in the story from McCabe’s imagination.

In an odd way I actually found myself sympathizing with the Coyote as he searched for his first meal. He had to learn a lesson on how others interact within the world and this was a great possible hidden lesson from the book. At least I took this away that people should take time to understand something first before trying to get their “mouth full”.

I do hope people look for a copy of this book to share with their own kids, a class room, or a daycare as it is well worth a read.

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