Ten Questions + 1 with Author Mark Allan Gunnells

18 Jul

Mark GMark Allan Gunnells has been busy writing since he was 10 years old according to his Amazon Author Page. He has had novellas and books published over the years. He was kind enough to do the interview as other authors and just below is his answers to those questions.

Questions start below.

Question 1:

What inspired you to write The Quarry?  The setting is Limestone College, which is my alma mater, and the inspiration was the fact that there were many urban legends surrounding the lake on the campus.  I started doing some research, trying to separate fact from myth, and the story just came to me. 

Question 2:

Is there any significance to the name/names of your main characters? Actually I do a lot of my writing at work, and usually I just go down the company directory and pick names that call to me, usually mixing first and last names. 

Question 3:

During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your own memories? Considering that the story is set at the college I attended, it did bring up a lot of memories.  In fact, during the writing, I visited the campus and toured around, going around the buildings, the past had never felt so close. 

Question 4:

What were some of your favorite books growing up? When I was younger, it was all about Stephen King.  Misery, It, Different Seasons were some of my favorites.  Also Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris.   

Question 5:

Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?  I do get some feedback from readers, and most of the response has been positive.  What I hear most is that they like my characters, say they feel authentic and relatable.  

Question 6:

What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book? Pure delight.  I’ve published 16 books so far, most of which have had print versions, and holding the actual book in my hands never gets old, never fails to thrill me. 

Question 7:

Do you continue to write? Absolutely.  I will always write, whether I continue to publish or not.  It’s in my blood. 

Question 8:

What is the message you want people to take away from the book? I mostly want people to find my books entertaining and enjoyable, that’s my main goal.  To entertain myself and my readers.   

OctoberQuestion 9:

If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be? Well, my main character pops up in my novella OCTOBER ROSES, and I may just write a direct sequel one day, so I’ll just say you have to wait and see.
Question 10:
Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you? I dedicated the book to Tom and Billie Moran, who run both Sideshow Press and Gallow’s Press.  They gave me my first chance, publishing my first book.  I’m forever grateful to them.

The + 1 Question: 

If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why? Here in the States, Savannah, Georgia, is one of my favorite places to visit, and I’d get a real kick out of doing a signing or reading there.  Internationally, I’ve always wanted to visit Venice.


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