Ten Questions + 1 with Author Adam C. Veile

03 Jul

Adam VAdam C. Veile is the writer of The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace. In reading his bio on his Amazon Author page, it’s interesting to find that Adam had a different career in mind. He planned to go to film school, but instead had life changing experience.  This experience took place in of all places a casino on the Pojoaque Pueblo in New Mexico.  As you read his bio you will see that this is what got him interested in Western themes.

Now we can take time to find out more about Adam by looking at his answers to the interview questions.  So, read on and enjoy.

Question 1:

What inspired you to write The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace?

I had just finished up my M.A. in English, and writing had become a bit of a grind, so I decided I was just going to have fun. I took out a piece of paper and started writing down any subject matter that I thought might be enjoyable to write/read—ghosts, cowboys, adventure—and from there the story developed. I think that sense of fun comes through in the book.

Question 2:

Is there any significance to the name/names of your main characters? 

Blake is the most significant to me. In a last minute name change, I decided to name him after my oldest nephew. When I went to Blake’s school for an author visit, the students were pretty jealous. He earned quite a few cool points that day.

Question 3:

During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your own memories? 

I had to put myself into the mind of a seventh-grader to write this story, and the easiest way to do that was to think back to my junior high days. It’s easy to remember certain events from back then, but harder to remember the thought processes behind them.

Question 4:

What were some of your favorite books growing up? 

My favorite books changed as I changed, from The Bernstein Bears to Ramona Quimby to Mark Twain to Stephen King. My interest in Twain and King were when I was starting to write more, and they probably had the greatest influence on my writing voice and style.

Question 5:

Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

My favorite comment was from a mother who said her child loves the book so much that he sleeps with it under his pillow. I don’t think anything will ever top that!

Question 6:

What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?  

I thought it turned out beautifully, but I was still nervous that something was wrong—a typos, a page missing, etc. I never lose that fear that something might be wrong, but I think that’s good for the end result. Writing one draft is fun; writing twenty drafts takes a healthy fear of failure.

Question 7:

Do you continue to write? 

The second dreamcatcher book will be out in late fall!

Question 8:

What is the message you want people to take away from the book? 

I hope that when the reader puts The Dreamcatcher Adventures down some of the adventure in the pages translates into real life. All of the excitement in the book comes from Blake’s willingness to grit his teeth and go for it, and that’s something we all could do.

Question 9:

If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

I know the immediate future involves more outlaws, a runaway train, a wild raft ride down the Colorado River, and another showdown with magical dreamcatchers on the line.
Question 10:
Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?   

The book is dedicated to my wife, who is an endless source of support. There are dozens of people who should be thanked for their help, though—critique partners, editors, illustrators, etc. I’m a lucky guy.

The + 1 Question: 

If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why? 

I love to travel. Do they have book tours on tropical beaches? If I could only pick one place, though, it would be my local books store, Downtown Book & Toy in Jefferson City, Missouri. They’ve been very good to me. Support your local stores!


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