Game of Straws by S.B Knight

17 Jun

StrawsHow many of us have grown using games of chance to make a decision? I’m sure some have either flipped a coin, played Eeny, Meeny, Miny, moe, or in some cased picked the short straw.  The question is have you ever considered what could happen in any of those games if the rules were more “twisted”.

Writer S.B. Knight will help you take that journey and gives the reader a taste of what outcomes would come from a different form of pick the short straw.  In the short story Game of Straws the reader will find out what just is in that imagination.

Adam takes his girl, Melody, and their friends Jack and Jennifer to his grandfather’s old home. The place can be called picturesque if it wasn’t so far out in the sticks.  Adam and Melody have a plan to eventually make the place a bed and breakfast but first they must check the hold home out.

It is inside this house that the group comes across an old wooden box. Adam is hesitate to touch the box as his grandfather had told him it needs to be protected.  The scary thing, the box needs to be protected from people, not the other way around.

It is here when the short story takes the reader into an interesting game of chance that will impact all those in the house.  The details of what happens are better left for those who read the short story.

S.B. Knight takes the same style of writing he’s used in his other books and puts this to good work in the story.  He takes a bit of time to get you used to the characters involved, before sending the challenge their way.  He is also able to take a game many of us may have played when growing up and give it a completely new twist.  This is a short story many readers will enjoy.

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