The Melting Dead by Doug Lamoreux

10 Jun

MeltingDeadOften you hear how scary movies or scary stories will cause a person to have nightmares. They often tap into a primal fear that awakens within someones subconscious as they sleep. The outcome is a sudden alertness as you can awake screaming, shaking or just in a pool of your own sweat.   

Now those used to these horrific tales are not often found to have these nightmares. If your name is Angela Roskowic you are well used to the fear that can be induced by horror. You are a fanatic and can draw references to any horror film as you just observe the daily life you lead working in Chicago in Theatre.  

So you can imagine the nervousness that Angela feels when she finds herself having these scream evoking nightmares suddenly. She’s about to begin a trip to find a possible retreat for those in the Chicagoland Directors’ Guild to “get away and play.” Angela was surely kicking herself for missing the meeting when the plan was discussed as she was “volunteered” to find a location. 

This is the starting point to the book, “The Melting Dead”, written by author Doug Lamoreux. This is a book that will take you within the zombie genre, BUT has enough twists that it may not seem like any zombie book you have read.  

As the story evolves in the book you are introduced to a good cast of characters. The story takes place around an island located in the Mississippi River. The area has simple people that do not take too kindly to a group of Goths who rob a local gas station.  The local police and sheriff become involved in the eventual chase for the robbers.  The theft does not go off as planned as the reader will find out as the getaway ends up to create a large “stink”. If you are wondering why the quotations around stink, well you must read the book to find out why. 

To help the reader get an idea of what you will find yourself getting into let me give you an example of what you will find coming from the mind and thoughts of Angela as you read the book.  There is a period where it is referenced that Angela is entering the small town territory of Salem’s Lot and Let’s Scare Jessica to Death.  A small town where stares followed her like stares from the Stepford wives. Now these are somewhat paraphrased but near direct quotes from the book and some of the things readers will hopefully love about the book. 

Doug Lamoreux’s writing style is also something found to be quite interesting. The story seems to follow Angela’s story line for the most part but at times there is a break in the story.  A change in the story taking you away from one piece of action is not forgotten. A “narrator” type of tone will help bring you back to a piece of the story you feel may have been forgotten.  The story has elements of humor tossed in as well that is well placed amongst the action of the book. 

The other thing that Doug does well is develop his characters.  A great example is how the fear of one fisherman’s wife is used to explain the man’s “willingness” to act as a one way taxi to the island. One way, you ask, well he will drop some people off and head back to the main land leaving them stranded. There are of course other characters within this story that are equally well developed. A sample: the islands park ranger, a group of squatters, and the islands caretakers. 

The Melting Dead is one of those books that could be missed within the Zombie Genre. Potential readers could find themselves going, “Oh just another zombie book.” This would be a shame as the book is one of those that should be read and enjoyed for its story.  The book is well written and you may wonder do I know all the movies Angela’s character mentions throughout the book. It was something that is included well within the story as not since Scream has there been a good story that evokes other horror themed entertainment in this way.

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