Tristan Wolf by Mariana Llanos (Children’s book)

22 May

wolfTristan Wolf is the first book by author Mariana Llanos and uses the great illustrations by Rocio Perez del Solar to tell an interesting story.  This is the type of children’s book that parents will enjoy reading to their children as they will find it just as interesting as the child/children.

The story tells of a young child who as an infant is left alone in the woods and is adopted by a wolf.  The young child grows up living with the pack and is cared for by his “mother”.  A day eventually comes when Tristan begins to question who he is and heads to the world of humans.

The story is written in a manner that those who read the book will keep interested no matter the age. The unique illustrations add to the story and are another way to keep a person interested.  The target age would be for those over 8 years old and being 40 I found I was equally interested in the story.

What you will find within this children’s book is a story that teaches a few things to a child.  Through pages as you follow Tristan you find how he tries to interact in the world and wants nothing more than to learn.  He wants to find what humans are like but at the same time is like any child and questions the world.  A youthful questioning that can be contagious to the reader and those listening to the story as it is read.

The other great thing from this book is it helps to show the importance of using your imagination. It is engaging and helps to show the importance of taking time and letting your mind run wild.  It may help rekindle the love of reading to your child, and rekindle the use of your imagination.  It’s what makes a children’s book so great. A story that is engrossing enough a child will learn and the adult will cherish that time.

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