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Twin-Bred by Karen A. Wyle

Twin-Bred ebook coverThe novel, “Twin-Bred”, investigates a problem that has plagued mankind, and the animal kingdom, for centuries. Author Karen A. Wyle takes the reader into an ingenious idea that is put forth by a human scientist on the planet Tofarn.

Tofarn is the world that humans settled on after leaving Earth and have lived side by side with the planets native race the Tofa. The problem the humans have had with their neighbors is there is a large communication gap. Over the many years of cohabitation on the planet the humans have had a hard time communicating with the alien Tofa.

The communication gap is not the only issue as the Tofa may resemble humans in way, but are alien. The race has some differences. Those being things like 4 arms and they are tall. They also seem to react to scents differently than humans.  There are other differences but to find those you must read the book.

The story revolves around a project started by scientist, Mara Cadell. A woman who has a brilliant idea of bridging the language gap, but at the same time is flawed. Mara has a psychologist to help her through some of the flaws and she has her twin prober to help her. There is one problem with her twin. Her fraternal twin, Levi, has passed away.

Mara uses this odd relationship with her dead brother to come up with the idea behind the project. The project is to use the strength of twins to create a bond between human and tofa. The plan is to impregnate both human and tofa mothers with a human and tofa embryo. This would mean when the time came the mothers would give birth to a child of each species.

The plan that Karen A. Wyle lays out in the novel is something that could be used to solve issues back her on Earth.  How many different groups see someone who looks different and automatically distrusts them?  There have been wars and other conflicts for ages due to simple differences. So you must understand the importance of the project upon the characters in, Twin-Bred.

The story can be enjoyed by fans of Sci-fi and those who are also fans of speculative fiction. The story does not leave out some intrigue as there are those behind the scenes who want something from those within the project. It’s possible those who allowed the project to take place had secret motives.  Those individuals may not be the only ones with another plan as it could go down to the participants in the project. The key thing about Twin-Bred is it’s a book that will open your eyes to different thoughts and methods of dealing with conflict and just living together.

If you’d like to see what Karen A Wyle wanted you to get out of the book be sure to check out the follow interview with the author.

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Ten Questions + 1 featuring author Mariana Llanos

marianaI recently reviewed Author Mariana Llanos’ book Tristan Wolf and while doing a follow up email she gave me a great idea.  See, after each review goes live I make sure to email the individual who sent me the book to let them know it is now out there to read.    She asked if I do author interviews she’d be interested. So, the idea struck me why not, and here is the first of what I hope will lead to other interviews.

Question 1:

What inspired you to write Tristan Wolf?

ML: I wanted to write a story for my two boys, something we could read together at night. Then the phrase “Tristan was a loner” got stuck on my head and I started elaborating. So I guess I can say that my boys inspired me and Tristan took over.

Question 2:

Is there any significance to the name Tristan?

ML: Not really. I just like it a lot. It sounds poetical and has personality. I thought it was perfect for my hero.

 Question 3:

During the writing process did you find yourself thinking about any of your own special childhood memories?

ML: I can relate to the daydreaming side of the story as I used to do it all the time. I still do it…I can play all kind of scenarios in my head and cry and laugh and feel very emotional. Then I usually say “shoot! I should’ve written that!”  When I was young,  I lived in a big house with an even bigger backyard that was a paradise to explore. I used to pretend that I was ‘Smurfette’ and played all sort of adventures. Also my love for wolves dates back from when I was kid and was fascinated by them.

 Question 4:

What were some of your favorite books growing up?

ML: I started reading very young…I loved The Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Match Girl, Peter Pan, Rosemary Wells books…I didn’t have a lot of children’s books though so I had to read what my parents had handy. That’s how I read Shakespeare’s Hamlet at ten and fell in love with it.

 Question 5:

Do you hear from fans of the book, and if you do what do they say?

ML: So far I’ve had very good comments. They mostly like the twist! I can’t say much because I’d spoil it.  They like the fact that there are wolves in the book and they also love the illustrations made by my very good friend Rocio Perez del Solar. Parents usually mention that they get engaged in the story and it’s not only a children’s book but a short story a grown-up can enjoy as well. I’m very pleased with the input I am getting from my readers through my Facebook fan page and Amazon reviews. Everybody is welcomed to like my page:

 Question 6:

What was the feeling like when you saw the very first printed version of your book?

ML: Of course I got teary-eyed. It was finally in my hands! And my named looked so good on the cover. I realized (again) that writing is what I am meant to do. The book really looked better that what I had expected. I just had so many doubts, but they were dissipated when I saw it.

Question 7:

Do you continue to write?

ML: I’m trying! I have a 20 month old baby that takes most of my time. I have started working on Tristan’s next adventure. I want him to come back, I miss him.

Question 8:

What is the message you are want people to take away from the book?

ML:  I want grown-ups to remember when they were kids and used to imagine and daydream, I really want them to relate to this story. And for kids, I just want them to know that it is OK to be a kid, that they don’t have to grow out of “it” so soon. That their imagination can take them places they have never been and can be fun and exciting too!

 Question 9:

If you could envision a future for your main character, what would it be?

ML: I could see Tristan in many other adventures, wherever he wants to go! I can see him being a kid for a long time.

Question 10:

Who are those in the dedication of the book, and their importance to you?

FamilyML: They are my family. My husband Aaron who supports me with his eyes shut. Fabio, my oldest child who has helped me proof my book and even correct my grammar and spelling. He is only 9! Andre is my little funny boy and his smile can light up a room. And Alana is my baby girl who steals my heart every time she hugs me with those tiny hands. I hope they feel proud of their mom, as everything I do, literally, is for them.



The + 1 Question:

If you had any one place in the world you could travel to for a book tour, where would that place be, and why?

ML: I am from Peru…I think I’d go there to share my joy with friends and family. And after the book tour is finished I’d go to one our beautiful beaches and sit on the sand with the breeze on my face and start dreaming of my next project.

Mariana Llanos

Tristan Cover

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Tristan Wolf by Mariana Llanos (Children’s book)

wolfTristan Wolf is the first book by author Mariana Llanos and uses the great illustrations by Rocio Perez del Solar to tell an interesting story.  This is the type of children’s book that parents will enjoy reading to their children as they will find it just as interesting as the child/children.

The story tells of a young child who as an infant is left alone in the woods and is adopted by a wolf.  The young child grows up living with the pack and is cared for by his “mother”.  A day eventually comes when Tristan begins to question who he is and heads to the world of humans.

The story is written in a manner that those who read the book will keep interested no matter the age. The unique illustrations add to the story and are another way to keep a person interested.  The target age would be for those over 8 years old and being 40 I found I was equally interested in the story.

What you will find within this children’s book is a story that teaches a few things to a child.  Through pages as you follow Tristan you find how he tries to interact in the world and wants nothing more than to learn.  He wants to find what humans are like but at the same time is like any child and questions the world.  A youthful questioning that can be contagious to the reader and those listening to the story as it is read.

The other great thing from this book is it helps to show the importance of using your imagination. It is engaging and helps to show the importance of taking time and letting your mind run wild.  It may help rekindle the love of reading to your child, and rekindle the use of your imagination.  It’s what makes a children’s book so great. A story that is engrossing enough a child will learn and the adult will cherish that time.

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