Demathia Rising by SB Knight

18 Apr

CoverLife can pass you buy when you are not looking, or drag at a snail’s pace when you want it to hurry. Imagine if you were thirty-two and life comes at you with the destructive force of a hurricane bringing death on a grand scale when it comes to your family.  This is what happens to one Mason Rune when he approaches his thirty-third birthday and two uncles, a grandfather and worse of all his father pass away.

You can grieve for your loved ones and turn to a close friend for some solace, the problem; your mother doesn’t like your friend. She doesn’t feel the woman, Felicia, is good enough for her son. His mother instead turns a very personal injury from Mason’s youth as a reason Felicia may not care for Mason if she “knew the truth”. This does not stop Mason from seeing his friend at his time of need. The only crazy thing that comes from his Father’s funeral is the sudden find of a well hidden diary, and his Aunt Terri’s warning to keep it safe, and hidden.

As you read Demathia Rising, the Dark Fantasy Novel by SB Knight, you will uncover the purpose of the diary. You will also find out what is behind the sudden accidents that claimed the life of his male family members. This whole discovery process will bring Mason into a world he knew nothing about. He will find himself flashing back to his youth, trips to a family cottage, playing with a family heirloom, and question his life.

The story within the pages of the novel will certainly keep any reader stay well engrossed in the story and some may find it hard to put down. The interwoven plot lines, the dangerous secret he has yet to learn, and a dangerous organization all keep the plot moving well.

SB Knight continues the great story telling in Demathia Rising that his fans will remember from his two books in the Born of Blood series. The book brings you into the life of Mason Rune and makes you care for the man. You will find yourself also reacting to the events he must face, along with those who come to his aid.

There will be times you may question his decisions, but ask yourself, “What would I do”.

The other great thing about Demathia Rising is that SB Knight not only has the strong male lead, there are equally strong female characters. These characters may introduce more conflict, or confusion, into his life but their storylines are also well established.  Fans of Dark Fantasy as well as those who enjoy Horror will find themselves enjoying this book.

Demathia Rising is published by MuseItUp Publishing.


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