My Upcoming Plans and Weekly posts.

10 Apr

This is just an update on what is going on with the blog and to keep a new plan of mine regarding the blog active. What is that plan? Well I want to get a new post out every week. The plan is to get something new out on a Wednesday, so here it is.

So what am I reading?

S.B Knight’s book Demathia Rising

This is turning out to be a great read. The story is well thought out and is moving on at a great pace. I look forward to finishing this book and will be sharing a review on it soon. Of course you will have seen two books by S.B Knight already on the blog as he shared with me Born of Blood and Drago’s Revenge from the Born of Blood series.

The Dog in The Dark by Barb & J.C. Hendee.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Nobel Dead series by the Hendee’s and normally get through their books fast. Sadly this is a rare slow read from them as the book has a lot of “flashbacks”. This is a good thing to use to get people caught up on a story between books but this has a LOT of them in it and almost has me wanting an end. At least I’m to a point where the story should get going again.  I doubt this will get a review as its part of a series in the middle.

 What’s next?

A writer/harpist, and yes I said harpist, is sending me a hard copy of her book. I look forward to reading the book as she is a gifted writer. I’ve heard some of her short stories on a podcast and like the way she writes. She was one of the many writers in the reviewed anthology Ain’t No Sanity Clause.  Oh what’s her name? Oh she is Michele Roger from my home state of Michigan.  Her book, The Conservatory, will be getting a review.   I must add that the music I have heard from her is just as great as her writing, if not better. So music lovers should check that out as well.

Now if I’m in the midst of reading something I will put some original content up on a Wednesday much like my person post, An Obituary for Me?? (A Piece of Fiction) or other works. These could be my own short stories or personal stories.

As always if you are an author who has something you want read/reviewed get in touch. Anyone can reach me at Knightmist72@gmail(dot)com.  Yeah I put dot in there to help cut back on the spam.  Sorry about that but when it comes to my meat I don’t want it from a can. (Yes finishing with a bad joke about the canned meat product Spam. What can I say, but that’s me. He he)

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