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The Conservatory by Michele Roger

the-conservatoryWe have all wished we had some hidden talent. How many have wondered what it would be like to be an all-star athlete? A writer that has readers that number near a million. A musician that has their music played all over the world. All are things that I’m sure we have all dreamed about at one time in our life.

There are few that are able to have talent in one or more thing and thankfully I know a harpist who likes to write. Her book The Conservatory is now out and being published by STFU Publishing. The person I’m referring to is Michele Roger who comes from my Michigan.

The Conservatory could almost be called a true story as it takes Michele’s love for music and put’s it front in center in the book. The story takes you into the world of music as you get to learn about Hilford Conservatory, a school for gifted musicians.

Those who attend Hilford are of two types in society. It is a mixture of those who have money and those who attend the school on a scholarship. It is a place where if one of those scholarship children shows up the rich there could be some trouble. However, at Hilford it’s not trouble from their classmates they must fear but there is a, curse.

The book will introduce you to a newly hired teacher, Melody Steinwick, and others at the school. There are two very gifted young men who become close friends as both are scholarship kids. They have the misfortune of living in a resident’s hall that is for those on a scholarship. The hall is a building that can be seen as drafty and could easily lead to illness for those who stay in that hall.  Unfortunately for one of those boys (Alex) he gets so sick his roommate (Tom) seeks the help from Doctor Martin Lewis.

As Doctor Lewis attempts to help the ailing young man Melody finds out about another factor of the school. Its dark nights can lead to more fear than a walk within Detroit, her old home town. It has another thing that will lead to scares and that is the building is haunted.

The Conservatory is a quick read, and I do not mean that from its length, but from the great writing style that Michele uses. Fans of horror will enjoy this book as there are plenty of plot turns, and those who enjoy some suspense will also like the book.  As you follow along with Melody, and Dr. Lewis, as they try to solve what is happening at Hilford, and what has happened to some of its “departed” students.

The book is filled with little nuggets of information that you will pick up on just as you read about their discovery and make you feel like you are there. There are points in the book that this harpist/writer will paint a scene that you get an idea of the macabre discoveries as they are being found.  The cover for the book will give you an idea of what could be behind this schools curse but as a reader you will enjoy finding out all there is to know.

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Demathia Rising by SB Knight

CoverLife can pass you buy when you are not looking, or drag at a snail’s pace when you want it to hurry. Imagine if you were thirty-two and life comes at you with the destructive force of a hurricane bringing death on a grand scale when it comes to your family.  This is what happens to one Mason Rune when he approaches his thirty-third birthday and two uncles, a grandfather and worse of all his father pass away.

You can grieve for your loved ones and turn to a close friend for some solace, the problem; your mother doesn’t like your friend. She doesn’t feel the woman, Felicia, is good enough for her son. His mother instead turns a very personal injury from Mason’s youth as a reason Felicia may not care for Mason if she “knew the truth”. This does not stop Mason from seeing his friend at his time of need. The only crazy thing that comes from his Father’s funeral is the sudden find of a well hidden diary, and his Aunt Terri’s warning to keep it safe, and hidden.

As you read Demathia Rising, the Dark Fantasy Novel by SB Knight, you will uncover the purpose of the diary. You will also find out what is behind the sudden accidents that claimed the life of his male family members. This whole discovery process will bring Mason into a world he knew nothing about. He will find himself flashing back to his youth, trips to a family cottage, playing with a family heirloom, and question his life.

The story within the pages of the novel will certainly keep any reader stay well engrossed in the story and some may find it hard to put down. The interwoven plot lines, the dangerous secret he has yet to learn, and a dangerous organization all keep the plot moving well.

SB Knight continues the great story telling in Demathia Rising that his fans will remember from his two books in the Born of Blood series. The book brings you into the life of Mason Rune and makes you care for the man. You will find yourself also reacting to the events he must face, along with those who come to his aid.

There will be times you may question his decisions, but ask yourself, “What would I do”.

The other great thing about Demathia Rising is that SB Knight not only has the strong male lead, there are equally strong female characters. These characters may introduce more conflict, or confusion, into his life but their storylines are also well established.  Fans of Dark Fantasy as well as those who enjoy Horror will find themselves enjoying this book.

Demathia Rising is published by MuseItUp Publishing.


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My Upcoming Plans and Weekly posts.

This is just an update on what is going on with the blog and to keep a new plan of mine regarding the blog active. What is that plan? Well I want to get a new post out every week. The plan is to get something new out on a Wednesday, so here it is.

So what am I reading?

S.B Knight’s book Demathia Rising

This is turning out to be a great read. The story is well thought out and is moving on at a great pace. I look forward to finishing this book and will be sharing a review on it soon. Of course you will have seen two books by S.B Knight already on the blog as he shared with me Born of Blood and Drago’s Revenge from the Born of Blood series.

The Dog in The Dark by Barb & J.C. Hendee.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Nobel Dead series by the Hendee’s and normally get through their books fast. Sadly this is a rare slow read from them as the book has a lot of “flashbacks”. This is a good thing to use to get people caught up on a story between books but this has a LOT of them in it and almost has me wanting an end. At least I’m to a point where the story should get going again.  I doubt this will get a review as its part of a series in the middle.

 What’s next?

A writer/harpist, and yes I said harpist, is sending me a hard copy of her book. I look forward to reading the book as she is a gifted writer. I’ve heard some of her short stories on a podcast and like the way she writes. She was one of the many writers in the reviewed anthology Ain’t No Sanity Clause.  Oh what’s her name? Oh she is Michele Roger from my home state of Michigan.  Her book, The Conservatory, will be getting a review.   I must add that the music I have heard from her is just as great as her writing, if not better. So music lovers should check that out as well.

Now if I’m in the midst of reading something I will put some original content up on a Wednesday much like my person post, An Obituary for Me?? (A Piece of Fiction) or other works. These could be my own short stories or personal stories.

As always if you are an author who has something you want read/reviewed get in touch. Anyone can reach me at Knightmist72@gmail(dot)com.  Yeah I put dot in there to help cut back on the spam.  Sorry about that but when it comes to my meat I don’t want it from a can. (Yes finishing with a bad joke about the canned meat product Spam. What can I say, but that’s me. He he)

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