An Obituary for me?? (A piece of Fiction)

29 Mar

Let me start by saying this is a work of fiction that may have some truths from life found within.  I’m using my own name in this piece as I do not want to take the risk of even making up a name that could impact another person.  Again this is piece of FICTION!!

Shawn Micallef passed way two days ago after living a life of filled with self-reflection.  He is survived by his family, and preceded in death by his father and grandparents.

Shawn lived an un-extraordinary life that would too many be seen as a life of tediousness. This was a life that so many in the world come to call a “normal” existence. He did not create any wondrous inventions; he failed to find his riches, and life drives where never truly found.  Instead he lived a life of mainly self-imposed solitude only opening his heart and soul to a select number of individuals.

He had always had tried to connect with people but a self-loathing and fear would keep him from really putting his foot out there. He had been burned as a child when he heard friends and classmates ridicule him for his size as a youth.  Cruel jokes played on his emotions, a reported crush would be found out to be a joke. His kindness and carrying for others seemed to garner more mockery in his mind then friendship.

He may not have had the money available to help charities and people as he wished but he offered an ear to those who needed to talk. People came and went in his life, some staying with him for years, such as his wife. Others would come and go in a flash as life would create a change in circumstances.

He was terrible about trying to keep in touch with those he had befriended. He realizes that part of this was his attempts to make this connection were rarely returned. He felt his life is life was better suited to remain in the background. He was the constant person who showed up for work daily, did his job and went home.

It was toward the end of his life that he reflected back on the world. A world full of turmoil, arrogance, and behavior so outstanding it made any civilized person cringe.  He lived in a world where bullying, crime, assaults, and hatred were rampant at every turn.

A world where original though had been replaced through the internet and the ability to share others thoughts and creations and let that image speak for them. It is what drove Shawn to leave this world. He saw that the modern technology he loved was becoming the downfall of society. People lost interpersonal skills by hiding behind a keyboard, or smart phone.

A world in which people are quick to blame others for their problems, expect others to bail them out of trouble, and be blameless.

It was this sad turn of events in the world that broke the heart of someone who felt so much alone when surrounded by people. A person who made the decision to stay out of the pubic, away from crowds, and hide from public places. He wished to avoid the mocking, finger pointing, and whispers that would come at his expense.

The fact is that this individual did one thing no matter the circumstances of his life and that was to never cave to pressure. He knew what bullying was, he knew about discrimination, but never let that stop him. He lived a life he chose and did not blame others. He lived as he wanted and did his best to treat others with the respect he wanted to see.  Most of all this individual shared parts of his life with others in the hopes others would garner some strength from him.


This story of Fiction is here to show that life is not what we see on Television, that the reality of the world can be more boring, mundane, and lonely then they try to show you. It’s up to the individual to do what they want with their life. They can live in the shadows, or search for the sunlight. They need strength, friends, and family that support them for whoever they are. It’s no ones job for a person’s success or failure other than their own drive.


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2 responses to “An Obituary for me?? (A piece of Fiction)

  1. Jean Fink

    March 29, 2013 at 6:16 PM

    Shawn — really like this one. Jean F.


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