Carnage: After the End – Volume 2

28 Feb

CarnageCarnage: After the End – Volume 2 picks up with ten new stories that deserved their own anthology separate from Volume 1. This anthology, like the original, is published by Siren’s call Publications and will make you think about the end of your world.  The stories you will find inside, come from the mind of ten writers who use their imaginations to bring the reader a unique story.

The stories will teach you the importance of keeping your principals as those around you lose them. It could be a simple case of those who have lived on the land versus those who have fed off their work.

Those of you with a sport allegiance, like a favorite soccer, football, baseball or other sport team will see the extreme end of that allegiance. A story within these pages takes you to a world where people live under banners. The banners holding an emblem for their clan, their people, but at one time could have met much more. You will get to read about this world and how things turn out for these bands of people as they try to survive.

Those who are star gazers enjoy staring into the night sky watching for movement within the sky. The thrill of a falling star can make you smile from ear to ear. In some cases these stars find themselves falling through the Earth’s Atmosphere and slamming into the Earth at tremendous speed. They can raise dust into the air that can pollute the Earth. These hard stone elements slamming into the ground are often harmless, but one writer imagines how “hard” things can get after such a collision.

The stories continue to take you in directions you do not expect.  I mean Happy Birthday being shouted out by friends and family is something every young child wants to hear. It’s not often that special day comes and you cannot feel that excitement. As many of us as we get older we’d rather not count the day for what it is, but inside we hope for a party.  So imagine yourself waking up on that special day and no one is around, what would you do, well the story “A Birthday to Remember” gives you that idea.

The last of the ten stories I will share some insight on is one that many have wished for after a hard day. We wish for piece, and not to be bothered. We want all around us to just leave us alone so we can clear the mind and relax. What if you could make that happen, and not just your house but the world? Well to find out you must read this anthology.

Below check out the tile of the story and the Author who is featured in Carnage: After the End – Volume 2.

Jaundice by Zachary O’Shea

Hoolies by Harper Hull

Juliana by Angel D Callido

The Mouse Ran Down by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Rock Garden by L.E. White

The Silence of the Dead by Wednesday Silverwood (on Twitter @WednesdaySilver)

A Birthday to Remember by Harry Manners

An End for Some by Jason Lairamore

Knock Knock, Who’s There by Magda Knight

Clean World by Charlie Fish

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