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Carnage: After the End – Volume 2

CarnageCarnage: After the End – Volume 2 picks up with ten new stories that deserved their own anthology separate from Volume 1. This anthology, like the original, is published by Siren’s call Publications and will make you think about the end of your world.  The stories you will find inside, come from the mind of ten writers who use their imaginations to bring the reader a unique story.

The stories will teach you the importance of keeping your principals as those around you lose them. It could be a simple case of those who have lived on the land versus those who have fed off their work.

Those of you with a sport allegiance, like a favorite soccer, football, baseball or other sport team will see the extreme end of that allegiance. A story within these pages takes you to a world where people live under banners. The banners holding an emblem for their clan, their people, but at one time could have met much more. You will get to read about this world and how things turn out for these bands of people as they try to survive.

Those who are star gazers enjoy staring into the night sky watching for movement within the sky. The thrill of a falling star can make you smile from ear to ear. In some cases these stars find themselves falling through the Earth’s Atmosphere and slamming into the Earth at tremendous speed. They can raise dust into the air that can pollute the Earth. These hard stone elements slamming into the ground are often harmless, but one writer imagines how “hard” things can get after such a collision.

The stories continue to take you in directions you do not expect.  I mean Happy Birthday being shouted out by friends and family is something every young child wants to hear. It’s not often that special day comes and you cannot feel that excitement. As many of us as we get older we’d rather not count the day for what it is, but inside we hope for a party.  So imagine yourself waking up on that special day and no one is around, what would you do, well the story “A Birthday to Remember” gives you that idea.

The last of the ten stories I will share some insight on is one that many have wished for after a hard day. We wish for piece, and not to be bothered. We want all around us to just leave us alone so we can clear the mind and relax. What if you could make that happen, and not just your house but the world? Well to find out you must read this anthology.

Below check out the tile of the story and the Author who is featured in Carnage: After the End – Volume 2.

Jaundice by Zachary O’Shea

Hoolies by Harper Hull

Juliana by Angel D Callido

The Mouse Ran Down by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Rock Garden by L.E. White

The Silence of the Dead by Wednesday Silverwood (on Twitter @WednesdaySilver)

A Birthday to Remember by Harry Manners

An End for Some by Jason Lairamore

Knock Knock, Who’s There by Magda Knight

Clean World by Charlie Fish

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The Angels of Autumn by Joshua Skye

I muAngelsst preface this review with a bit of a warning as “The Angels of Autumn” is a romance/erotic novel. The book contains adult themes that are not for those old enough to drive. The story line involves some gay men relations that some readers could find objectionable. The other thing I will put a note on is to set the story the main character does go into some political rants.  I realize some people do not care for this in their books, and although it isn’t throughout the book it is used often in the first few chapters.  So there are you warnings for the book “The Angels of Autumn”, by Joshua Skye.


The story opens with to lovers enjoying each other’s bodies under the stars out from the prying eyes of their small town. The two men are reveling in their shared moment of peace and togetherness. They eventually realize that they must return to society and head back to town. It is when one of these young men returns to Wren County that he is met by a sinister laugh.

We are next introduced to Kincade who is returning to his hometown for the first time since leaving. He has much trepidation about returning as all he remembers about the town was the bigots and bullies. These are the people that do not understand his choice of lifestyle and made his life hell from nearly day one.

The reader finds out that Wren Country is like many small towns around the United States. You have those families that have the money and the power and are not afraid to use it. Locals are those who matter and if you move into town you may never be really a part of the town. Lastly, they can be a conservative bastion and those with a liberal mindset or live differently are ridiculed relentlessly. This is the life that Kincade and his deceased brother endured as they grew up in Wren.

Kincade’s arrival to town does not go without notice as some of the locals are aware of his return. The one person who is thrilled to see him is his mother. She is a woman that works hard for a local company and is ready to leave that life to move out of Wren County.  As a reader you can understand why she feels that way as she helps to lend to the feelings of revenge Kincade is dealing with. You see his brother, his twin brother, was murdered and he wants revenge.

This is what the reader gets to discover, and it’s who killed Kincade’s brother. There are dark reasoning’s to why this happened and there appears to be a large cover up. The town’s sheriff and his deputies are part of this cover up and Kincade knows he will get no help there. There are others and in town and before Kincade can fully start his search he is met with another tragedy. His mother is killed.

The Angels of Autumn takes the reader on a further journey as the hate Kincade feels for what has happened to his family drives him to find out what happened. As he searches for the truth Kincade will find the man who loved his brother, and a man to love Kincade.

The problem is that no matter what you may begin to think about the people in this town you find will find out there is something much worse underneath all that is happening. The evil taking over the town and turning neighbor against neighbor has set its eyes on Kincade and any who may help him.

The Angels of Autumn is a book that some may have a hard time reading due to some of the subject matter. There are those who will not get past the homosexual encounters, or the political bashing. On a personal note I almost did not get past the political side, but I gave the book a chance and found a good supernatural story.  Joshua Sky was able to take all that subject matter and bring forth an engaging story and Pink Pepper Press was the ones who saw that and printed the book.

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Old World Murder by Kathleen Ernst

OldWorldI went into the book, “Old World Murder”, expecting quite a bit. I mention this because of my love of history, the fact I live in Wisconsin and I am part Norwegian. So when I saw a murder/mystery that takes place in a living history site in Wisconsin that uses Norwegian heritage in the back story I was naturally curious. I should also mention the fact I live within a few miles of a living heritage site as well.

So, one can imagine that with those high expectations there was a lot to be met when it c ame to reading the book written by Kathleen Ernst.  According to the books bio page this was her first adult mystery novel after writing books for children and young adults.

I went into the novel reading how the story will follow the life of Chloe Ellefson and her challenges as she takes a new job at Old World Wisconsin. Her new job, curator of collections, will lead her to some conflicts with others on the staff at Old World.

Ralph Petty, her boss, gives her some orders which she fails to follow but instead does her own thing. Head of Interpreters also ends up on that list of people she irritates, and before her first few days are over there is one important person she lets down.

This individual is the very sweet Mrs. Lundquist who had donated a beautiful hand-painted Norwegian ale bowl with cow heads.  An older woman that it is hard not to feel pain for as she is alone in the world having lost her son in Vietnam and her husband is also deceased. The bowl she wanted back was made in the nineteenth century and Mrs. Lundquist desperately wants the family artifact back.

The problem is that after an item is donated, it cannot be returned to its original owner and Chloe breaks the old woman’s heart by telling her this. Sadly Chloe does not find out how literal her heart broke till on her drive home she comes across a car accident and there is Mrs. Lundquist’s car, and she is now dead. This sets Chloe on a journey to find the ale bowl that will have her running straight into the life of Deputy Roelke McKenna.

What is very interesting about this book is how the characters you find inside are not perfect but all have their own flaws. Chloe should be a happier person as she’s moved closer to home and has a job she wanted. The problem after a very painful experience overseas she is clinically depressed. She also does not seem to be the best “people” person as she isn’t great with names and seems challenged by a young black woman (Tanika “Nika” Austin), her intern. Nika being more outgoing and has a keen mind and drive that Chloe wishes she had at this point in her life.

It’s after we get introduced to the main characters in the book that things start to get really interesting for Chloe. As she struggles to find the ale bowl she begins to sift through more of the Old World property and begins to find a mystery. The bowl is no-where to be found and she begins to sense someone else is looking for it.

A broken lock to her make shift office, foot prints in a dusty room, a near break in at her home and other events draws a wider shadow over that ale bowl. These events will push Chloe even harder in her search to find the missing bowl. Chloe believes she owes it to the old woman to at least find the bowl and put it on display in one of the Old World Wisconsin’s homes.

The mystery continues within the Old World Murder and the reader will learn not only who did it, but the site itself. People will find the book interesting not just for the characters, the story, but the uncovering of how the site works.

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