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Carnage: After the End Volume 1 (Anthology)

ThereCarnage is a new phenomenon in the United States, and perhaps the world, of individuals predicting a bleak future for the human race. These individuals are doing all they can to prepare for a multitude of disasters that could disable a countries, or the world’s governments. These disasters would lead to some kind of apocalypse and these people want to be ready and are often referred to as Preppers.

The anthology “Carnage: After the End Volume 1” takes the reader into the mind of ten unique writers. Each of them will introduce you to their idea of what could happen after the world as we know it ends. These stories are about surviving what the world brings them and finding a way to stay alive no matter what goes on around them.

The stories have some true struggles of not just the heart to live, but that of faith. They will bring you into the life of the stories lead characters and have you sympathize with their plight. Some are told in such a manner it is not hard imagining what you would do if it was you in the story. You may even find yourself second guessing their decisions and actions. The one thing you will find in all the stories are strong individuals doing all they can with the changed world.

The stories in the Sirens Call Publications Anthology are ones that do not have happy endings. They have endings that may shock, dismay, or leave you wondering about what’s next. The stories inside involve many different types of stories, and subjects.

The Anthology gets started with a story called, “The Meat Men”, and its focus is on two men traveling through their post-apocalyptic world who stop for gas and find a few survivors. What they do is share a meal with the others they find, The meal, well  it just happens to contain some meat which is hard to find in this world. What happens as they share their meal with these strangers is up to your imagination.

Further on into the Anthology you come across the story, “The Scurrying” that takes us into a slightly different world. The Norse gods are mentioned in this story as well as the use of battle axes and other weapons. The villains in this tale are ones that many of us take for advantage every day. They are the creatures that scurry around in the garbage of cities and multiply worse than rabbits. They are four legged, beady eyed, rodents, or RATS. The problem these rats have grown much larger and are now the top of the food chain in this world. You are introduced to Alexandra and her small tribe of survivors who try to live in this new world, and stay hidden from the Rats.

The last story I will draw attention to is one that makes use of a volcanic disaster that has destroyed much of the world’s climate causing many to flee South. It is in the story, “High Desert, Starless Sky”, that we find Lyle using a small trailer to get supplies to make his mediocre existence easier. He also ensures that Marnie is safe and is willing to do so much for this woman. There is an act of betrayal in this story that causes Lyle to make a decision that will impact their lives. What drives Lyle to the point of deciding to pack up and leave Marnie alone?

In the case of the stories mentioned you can let your imagination make some leaps to what will happen in the story. The other option is to pick up a copy of “Carnage: After the End Volume 1” and read the great stories contained in the anthology.  Other stories will include a Prepper, a desert waste land, and extreme hunger.

Below is a list of the stories and the author responsible for each great tale.

The Meat Men by Rodney James Galley

Begging Death by Laura Diamond

The Scurrying by Christofer Nigro

Scents of Danger by Julianne Snow

Recissions by Shane Cashman

High Desert, Starless Sky by Michael Griffin

The Hunger by Kimberly A. Bettes

Prophecy of Numbers by Russell Linton

Mad World by Adam Millard

The Vault by Shane B. Collins


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The Day (2011 Canadian post-apocalyptic film)

The DayThere have been many films that have shown us a world post a global apocalyptic event. In many of these films the world has been ravaged by war, a plaque, or a virus. In the film, The Day, something has gone wrong in the world and like so many other films we are introduced to a band of survivors. The difference in this film is that it is not zombies or mutants that we must fear, but humanity.

The film introduces the viewer to five survivors of whatever has created the world they now call home. The group is led by Rick (Dominic Monaghan), friends Shannon (Shannyn Sossamon), Adam (Shawn Ashmore) and Henson (Cory Hardict). They group seemed to have recently taken on a new member, Mary (Ashley Bell).

The group is traveling in a rural area and Henson is very sick and if things cannot get any worse it begins to rain. They do get a break when they see what appears to be an empty house in the distant and take refuge from the rain inside. The group then does something unique and does a weapon check. The members go around counting off what they have regarding ammunition for the guns they possess.

The group actually takes some time to recharge in the home as a few use a leaky roof to shower and others just take a rest.  As the next morning arrives the group decides to stay a bit longer to give Henson some more time to recover. The men begin to inspect the inside of the house and the women are asked to try and capture some game for food.

Mary ends up by a river, and as she washes her clothing, well this is when the viewer first finds out that the group is no longer alone. Meanwhile at the house the men come across a supply of canned food in the basement. As one member inspects an odd set of wiring another sets off a trap that has unexpected outcome and will lead to an alarm being set off that will bring others.

As those inside the house begin to find out who they are fighting they realize their only option is to hold up in the home. They will do all they can to survive and each side will all they can to win. The fight is one for survival and at times I think this story maybe even have a deeper meaning as we find out what drives some of the characters.

The film shows the viewer how in a world gone upside down that humanity may have to find “alternative” food sources. There will be those who will do all they can to fight this, as in Rick’s group, or those on the outside. Those outside are dangerous clan led by a father (Michael Eklund) of two kids and a dedicated clan. You get the sense as things unfold for the clan member that his children are more than willing to follow in the family footsteps.

In a way the film shows the two ways that people can learn to live in that world. They can go with fighting the changes and holding on to what they consider humanity, or adapt to the worlds new environment.

The Day is an enjoyable film that mixes in not only a fight to survive but some emotions as characters are put to the test. As the film posters tag line says, “Fight or Die” and that seems to be the message throughout the film. The question is what they are fighting to stay or live, or stay human. The film was distributed by Anchor Bay Films and WWE Studios and directed by Douglas Aarniokoski

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