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Another year is coming to an end and I started to think back to what the year meant to me. I stopped thinking on that when one important event that came this year. The big thing I’m referring to is the fact I have a maternal Grandmother turned 109 years old this year.

Just stop and think about that for a moment. We look back on a year and often think about the newest gadget that was put for sale. Where we lucky enough to get that new I-pad, IPod, Smartphone or Tablet? Does it really matter as each day goes on if we have the most current new gadget? Does it matter if our life is better than our neighbors?

I ask that question as I have put a list of many life events my Grandmother has lived through below. They are simple things to more world shaking events. Some people have taken for granted for the entire time they have been alive, and others may have been forgotten.

So take a moment and think about the last year of your life. If you are like me after I compiled that list my life was seen in a different way. It’s hard to look back on a single year after the compilation and worry about the “little” things life has thrown at me.

Instead I am to a point of thinking more on what can I do going forward. It’s more important to stop and think about life in general and not the gadgets. It’s more important to think of how I interact with others then how I can text, email, and instant message them. All those things are simple ways to talk to people, but are you really “talking” to them?

The other thing that came out of that list I put together is how I think of a few of the stories she has told me over the years. How there was a time when the world was simpler. A time when a young woman and a few friends could jump in a car, travel west, and camp under the moon. There was no interstate to speak of at that time but my grandma did that.

The reflection that I came up with out of this was how much long it took for the world to grow from her original years of life to today. Over the past decades we have seen muc more advancement in ten years than she may have seen over twenty years. Life grows at a lighting pace now and this is why the main thing I take from here is something simple. It’s just the importance of living for the moment and let each day come as it may.

There is no reason to have the next best thing. It’s more important to stop and celebrate the small things in life. Or at least the things we may not concern ourselves with such as faith, life, health, friends and family that should matter. I will close this by adding a few things.

People will often ask what has she down to live such a long life. The answer is something I know she struggles with herself. To me I believe it’s an easy answer and something that because it is easy she may overlook. She has never let life get her down. She has done her best to stay positive, eat healthy and have an unyielding faith in her religion. She is happy to spend her days doing simple things such as reading, and talking with friends. She never worried about having the next new thing but instead was thankful for what she had.

So, without further comment below is just a small list of things she has seen come, and go over the many decades she has lived on this big blue dot we call Earth.

1st Oreo cookie 1912

World War 1 1914-1918 (US entered 1917)

Lusitania (1915)/Titanic (1912)

Bread Slicer Machine 1928

King Tut tomb found 1922

Insulin discovered 1922

Empire State Building opened 1931

Star Spangled Banner becomes National Anthem 1931

War of the Worlds Broadcast 1938

Dr. Spock Publishes baby book 1946

World War 2 1939-1945 (US entered 1941)

Slinky enters stores 1945

Disneyland Opens 1955

Color TV 1951

Elvis on TV 1956

Beatles on US TV 1964

1st Man on Moon 1969

Woodstock 1969

MASH 1st episode 1972

VCR Introduced 1971

Microsoft founded 1975

E.T. Movie released 1982

Berlin Wall comes down 1989

Operation Desert Storm 1991 (1st war with Iraq)

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster 1986

The Chunnel Opens 1994 (connects Britain and France)

The Y2K scare 1999


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One response to “Reflections

  1. knightmist

    January 20, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    The very special woman I wrote about in this note has passed away at the age of 109. She meant a lot to my family and I wanted to share that to those who do read this post.


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