White Zombie Volume 1 -Anthology

10 Dec

White Zombie Volume 1White Zombie Volume 1 created by Richard Evans is an anthology that takes the stories of seven authors and gives the reader eleven tales. The tales within the pages take you into a world of Zombies but not all are the case. There are a few that do not tell you that they are zombies but instead infected by a virus. There is also one story that may not seem like a Zombie story but none the less the results are going to be the same as in many of the other stories.

I know that some will see the title, White Zombie, and get a dubious feeling regarding the title. If you are one of those put those feelings aside as the stories are all unique and have one major thing in common. The Zombies (Infected) with in the pages are just that, they are primarily white. The Caucasian race fall easiest to the virus that causes the Zombie hordes within the stories and it is other minorities that seem resistant. In truth in many it’s black people that seems most resistant and is often those who survive the original infection.

The stories will also give you some insight into bigotry on both sides of the racial divide that seems to be so predominant in some countries. There is one story that brings this to light as we find a white supremacist finding safety with a young black man, and his father. The older man is more willing to accept the white supremacist but his son’s gang violence past comes into play. This story to me is a great story on who we are as a people as these individuals eventually learn a great lesson. The story I’m discussing here is titled Penance.

There is a mixture of plots in the other stories as one involves the impact of corporate greed, Others have inner city individuals grouping together, a mixed martial artist fighting in the ring, soldiers in a foreign land and one involving an old woman and a beloved cat.

The range of the stories within the pages of White Zombie is enough to keep any fan of the genre interested. The title makes perfect sense when you consider the subject manner of the bulk of the stories. It is something any fan of the genre should enjoy along with those who want to see how the balance of the different races plays out in the stories. The key thing, no matter who you are the infection can reach you, or impact you at some point.

Links below are to those involved in White Zombie

Richard Evans

Marcus E.T.

J.L. Petty

Kevin Hopson

John L. Thompson

Paul Dick

Kat Hary

*Note if you know of a link or would like a change from the above just let me know.

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