The Falcon’s Chase by Kate Monroe

03 Dec

Falcon ChaseThis is just a quick note to let you know that the book reviewed in this blog entry is one that falls into the Romance and Erotica Genre. This means the book will contain some adult situations and innuendos that some readers may not find fits their personal tastes.


The Falcon’s Chase is a book put out by Pink Pepper Press and is written by Kate Monroe. The book takes the reader into a steam punk world.  The setting is Victoria England, with Queen Victoria being the ruler of the empire.  An Empire that had men exploring the globe and due to raids on Spanish shipping they were labeled pirates. It is one of those pirates that we find at the center of the book.

Captain Reuben Costello, who is awaiting his execution, is suffering in one of the cells in the legendary Tower or London. He had let his lecherous ways lead to his capture as he was in bed with his latest mistress when the Royal Navy captured him. The chargers may not have been so severe to require his execution but here he is stuck behind the bars.

You can only imagine what must be going through the captain’s mind as he waits for his execution. Frustration, anger, sorrow, and so much more must be crossing the mind of a man who had lost his freedom. The one thought that is brought into his mind quickly is lust. This is happens after hearing footsteps approach his cell he finds a beautiful woman being let into his cell. His first thoughts must be that she is there to give him a last meal. Instead after attempting to act on those original thoughts he finds that he is mistaken. This beautiful woman, Lady Arianne Dalton, is actually there to help him to escape. Her only request for committing this treason against the country is to get passage out of England.

This is the setup of The Falcon’s Chase. A book that finds the good Captain so in love with the Lady he will do all he can to bed her. He loves her for her beauty and as he discovers more about her he begins to love her for the person she is. This is a woman he did not expect to find as she shows her worth to him, and his ship, throughout the book.

Lady Arianne herself finds the Captain to be a gruff man, but she does become fascinated with the man. As she learns more about him and what lead to his prosthetic arm she begins to have carnal feelings for the Captain. The two drive each other crazy, with the Captain consistently reminding the Lady she will be his before their travels are over.

The book has more to it than the constant sparing between these two main characters. The innuendoes, and eventual “joining” is well written by Monroe. The book adds another layer when there is found to be political intrigue involving a possible change that could impact the world they live in. This intrigue can be traced back to elements, family, and friends in England that lead to the Lady and the Captain returning to England.

Although this is set in Victoria England there are some more modern technologies that are used within these pages. The study of nanobots, and pirate ships that sail upon the wind and not the water are two main examples. The clothing is described and made to be fitting into the era the book is set. The Captain is also found to be a man who sees women not just as objects but ship mates as we find his crew to include women. This is something a bit refreshing for a book set in this era as often women are seen just as objects, and this is one reason Lady Arianne wishes to escape England at the beginning of the book.

The Falcon’s Chase may not be for all readers due to some of its more adult passages. However, if you can allow yourself to read the book for its story and back plot you will find a book that fits this genre very well. It even has a hint of science fiction from the use of the nanobots.  Of course one cannot forget about the political intrigue that is found within these pages.

The book is a departure from others posted on the blog up to this time, but none the less, I did find myself enjoying the book. It was not heavy on the sex that I equated with a romance novel. Instead it is filled with innuendos and other adult situations that can get a reader’s attention. The story is also one that fits into a great tale that has covered thousands of stories and years. A story that takes two people, from different worlds, and through adversity come together and find love.

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