My Blog Policies and FAQ

02 Dec

ReviewingI want to start by saying there is no specific reason for this post other than to make sure those who do follow me understand how my blog works. This is specifically aimed at the book reviews I do and the rare movie review I may post.

The below is done in a Frequently Asked Questions type of way as to help answer anything that may come to mind.

Question: Why Books

I was lucky that after some people saw my movie reviews on Horror Addicts I was asked if I ever did anything for books. At first I said no, because I mean I watched movies and now they want me to read. The only reading I did was by watching foreign subtitled films.  I’ve also been an avid reader for most of my life and it was like getting back to a first love.

Question: Do you purchase all the books?

No I don’t. I maybe an avid reader but I do have a budget. I get the books often from the writer themselves or a publisher it’s been great to work with them as they are kind enough to send me their book.

Question: What’s with your review style?

My style is simple. So often we read a review of a book, or movie, and those reviewers pick the piece apart. They complain about the script, writing style and story. They give their opinion and don’t bother to really you a reason to read, or watch the subject of their review. I HATE that about some reviewers so I do it different.

You will find I won’t write anything negative about something even if I personally do not like the subject. What I do is give fans of a genre a reason to check the item out. So I may give a bit of information but the whole point of my review is to give you enough information to make your own opinion on whether to take a gamble on it.

Question: Do you prefer ebooks or physical copies, and how do I get something reviewed?

When it comes to my preface I don’t really have one. I’ve been lucky and a few have sent hard copies to me and kind enough to autograph them. It’s a great surprise when those come cause it means more then they will know. I NEVER resell the books but instead they have a special shelf. They get put in with books I had autographed by a childhood author I loved, one Tom Deitz.

I will however take whatever they are willing to send. All you have to do is get in touch with me and the best way is through my email address of

Question: Do you have a genre you prefer?

I do not. It just so happens I started with Horror Addicts but I am willing to read anything that is sent my way. The only thing is at this time I would like to keep it to Fiction.

Last Question: Do you make anything from doing the reviews?

Nope I don’t make a buck, a quarter, dime, nickel or even a penny for what I’m doing. It’s a service to writers that I took on myself.  If anything I hope that they will post my review or share it with their potential readers. If I’m lucky they will tell others about the work I’ve done and I may find even more people interested.

So that’s it. If you feel you want to know more about my process, my work or even my personal writings get in touch.

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