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Another year is coming to an end and I started to think back to what the year meant to me. I stopped thinking on that when one important event that came this year. The big thing I’m referring to is the fact I have a maternal Grandmother turned 109 years old this year.

Just stop and think about that for a moment. We look back on a year and often think about the newest gadget that was put for sale. Where we lucky enough to get that new I-pad, IPod, Smartphone or Tablet? Does it really matter as each day goes on if we have the most current new gadget? Does it matter if our life is better than our neighbors?

I ask that question as I have put a list of many life events my Grandmother has lived through below. They are simple things to more world shaking events. Some people have taken for granted for the entire time they have been alive, and others may have been forgotten.

So take a moment and think about the last year of your life. If you are like me after I compiled that list my life was seen in a different way. It’s hard to look back on a single year after the compilation and worry about the “little” things life has thrown at me.

Instead I am to a point of thinking more on what can I do going forward. It’s more important to stop and think about life in general and not the gadgets. It’s more important to think of how I interact with others then how I can text, email, and instant message them. All those things are simple ways to talk to people, but are you really “talking” to them?

The other thing that came out of that list I put together is how I think of a few of the stories she has told me over the years. How there was a time when the world was simpler. A time when a young woman and a few friends could jump in a car, travel west, and camp under the moon. There was no interstate to speak of at that time but my grandma did that.

The reflection that I came up with out of this was how much long it took for the world to grow from her original years of life to today. Over the past decades we have seen muc more advancement in ten years than she may have seen over twenty years. Life grows at a lighting pace now and this is why the main thing I take from here is something simple. It’s just the importance of living for the moment and let each day come as it may.

There is no reason to have the next best thing. It’s more important to stop and celebrate the small things in life. Or at least the things we may not concern ourselves with such as faith, life, health, friends and family that should matter. I will close this by adding a few things.

People will often ask what has she down to live such a long life. The answer is something I know she struggles with herself. To me I believe it’s an easy answer and something that because it is easy she may overlook. She has never let life get her down. She has done her best to stay positive, eat healthy and have an unyielding faith in her religion. She is happy to spend her days doing simple things such as reading, and talking with friends. She never worried about having the next new thing but instead was thankful for what she had.

So, without further comment below is just a small list of things she has seen come, and go over the many decades she has lived on this big blue dot we call Earth.

1st Oreo cookie 1912

World War 1 1914-1918 (US entered 1917)

Lusitania (1915)/Titanic (1912)

Bread Slicer Machine 1928

King Tut tomb found 1922

Insulin discovered 1922

Empire State Building opened 1931

Star Spangled Banner becomes National Anthem 1931

War of the Worlds Broadcast 1938

Dr. Spock Publishes baby book 1946

World War 2 1939-1945 (US entered 1941)

Slinky enters stores 1945

Disneyland Opens 1955

Color TV 1951

Elvis on TV 1956

Beatles on US TV 1964

1st Man on Moon 1969

Woodstock 1969

MASH 1st episode 1972

VCR Introduced 1971

Microsoft founded 1975

E.T. Movie released 1982

Berlin Wall comes down 1989

Operation Desert Storm 1991 (1st war with Iraq)

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster 1986

The Chunnel Opens 1994 (connects Britain and France)

The Y2K scare 1999


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Santa’s Miracle -Original Story

Below is an original story I wrote for the Holiday. It may not be perfect but is something I wanted to share to help people realize that this time of year isn’t just about giving and getting presents. I hope you enjoy. The names used are from some I work with with their knowledge but in no way is this a true story, I Hope. 🙂


SantaSanta had already gone over his naughty and nice list multiple times on this Christmas Eve. There were two names that he could not understand where now showing on the naughty list. The names belonged to six year old Ashley Campbell and her five year old brother Jason.

The last report Santa had received on these two children had put them at the head of the list when it came to changes in personality. Ashley was the most helpful of children up to about six months ago before things changed. Ashley was the type of girl any parent would want as she helped her mom with dishes, watched her brother, and always behaved when out with her parents.

Her little brother, Jason, had been following his big sisters examples and often they two ran over each other to help with household chores. It was almost comical they way Jason would try to sneak past his sister to help with the dishes. He often would try to take one too many dishes off the table when dinner was done, or wouldn’t finish eating before clearing his own plate.

Suddenly this all changed and Santa thinks back to some of their worst highlights over the past few months:

All Hallows Eve: Scared neighbors small dog by tying firecrackers to a bone and tossing that bone at dog. Firecrackers exploded causing small dog to yelp and run into street nearly causing auto accident as driver hit brakes and almost got hit from behind.

Halloween: Caused another neighbor to have a heart attack by spraying fake blood around neighbor’s front door and then banging on same door. As neighbor came to answer door kids jumped out in zombie costumes scaring elderly neighbor.

Thanksgiving: Elderly Grandma received broken hip as children used a trip line as woman entered their home.  Grandmother fell dropping pumpkin pie she was carrying and landed in manner to break hip. Ambulance had to be called.

Santa flipped through the report one more time, knowing he had made the correct decision to send his trusted elf, Mitzi, to spy on the children. Mitzi’s job was to try and determine what could have caused the change over the past months, but so far had found nothing. He was at the end of his time and had to begin his trip around the world delivering presents to all those good children on his list. He had no more time to worry about the Campbell children, so he set off.

The weather was good for most of his trip through Asia and the Middle East. Eastern Europe and England had some minor storms but nothing that delayed him too badly. As normal Santa felt terrible for the children living in a war zone, or had been displaced from their homes. Those children he was unable to provide much for as he knew it could cause to more fighting amongst the refugees.

So, it was not to long before he reached the East Coast of the United States and eventually to the Midwest and the Campbell home. He had told Mitzi he would signal him when he was there so the little elf could meet him on the family’s roof to return to the workshop.  As he led the sleigh to the Campbell’s home he turned on his sensors to see if he could find the little elf inside the home before he arrived.

As soon as he turned on the small screen to ensure no one was hiding by the fireplace he saw something that disturbed him. He saw Mitzi with no problem but it was what he saw in the room just above the family room and that was Ashley’s room. The little girl showed a deep red in the Infrared scanner but attached to her was a dark blue. It was not normal and it appeared to have tendrils hugging the little girls form, except for one. This lone tendril seemed to run out of the bed to the floor, out the hallway and into Jason’s room. Seeing this Santa changed course and landed on the neighboring homes roof, and used a small radio to signal Mitzi to meet him there.

Mitzi scrambled up the Campbell’s chimney and scurried across their rooftop and in a single leap was on the neighboring roof talking with Santa. The two had a small heated argument as Santa explained he could not enter the Campbell’s home as there was something dark in the home he feared he could take to other houses. He instead gave Mitzi their presents and told the little elf to make the delivery for them.

Santa then disappeared down the neighbor’s chimney as Mitzi scrambled back across the roof and down the Campbell’s chimney. As instructed the gifts were placed on the floor and their stockings filled. The two children did not get much this year due to their sudden change from nice to naughty list. However, as they spent a half year on the nice list they got a few gifts.

Mitzi finished his chore and as she arose from the chimney she saw Santa waiting so they could finish their evening’s deliveries. Santa was actually thrilled to have the little elf with him as they were able to split up the deliveries and were back to the workshop in record time. Santa made a note that in the future bring a help with him in case weather delays him, a helper will get him back on schedule. He did not want to cheat too many children but splitting all deliveries as he did on the last leg of the trip this evening. He just couldn’t shake the feeling of evil he got from the Campbell’s home and it chilled him to his core.

Ashley and Jason awoke early that morning. Each child sitting straight up at their waist in bed looking forward with a dark grin on their faces, knowing it was Christmas morning. Ashley’s once beautiful green eyes had become nearly completely black, and her little brothers brown eyes were surrounded by the same black color with no white remaining.

The children walked, crept, by their parent’s room and headed downstairs to the tree. Their eyes opened wide exposing the dark pools of black in them. The children ran to the chimney and grabbed their stockings first. Jason struggled at first as he was not tall enough to reach the stocking but a black tendril grew out of his arm and handed the stocking to him. Neither child reacted to this but instead grinned at each other as they felt the mutual satisfaction in getting the gifts.

Ashley took the small box off the top of the pile in her stocking and met the wrapping paper with yellowish nails that grew long to shred through the paper. Her dirty blonde hair began to blow behind her as she greedily opened the present. This is what she wanted to open each present and claim her share of what was there. It did not matter if it was for either parent, as the gifts were theirs. After these they would go after those of the neighborhood kids. The greed was growing within her, and it was not slowing. She had the box torn open reached through the small amount of paper on top of the gift and reached to hold it.

Suddenly a guttural growl came from her lips. Her brother stopped what he was doing and turned his head in her direction as concern shown on his face. The growl began to become a scream that grew in volume, as a yellow glow started to flow up her arm. The scream pierced the silence of the early morning and their parents were out of bed within seconds of hearing their daughters scream. It grew so loud windows shook and even a neighbor was awoken.

Jason then joined his sister’s scream with one of his own as the glow moved up her body and through the tendril into him. Their parents got down stairs and upon entering the family room froze. Their father stopped in his tracks and grabbed his wife as she started to bolt into the room. What caused him to stop her where a large number of black tendrils shaking and moving widely behind their daughter. The glowing warmth of the light penetrating the black tendrils as it grew. The black shapes starting to burn and fall off of their main form, which was attached to the little girl.

Their parents were standing in the entry way watching as the tendrils began to fall off their girl, and the one attached to their son withdrew to the main form. A blob of black ooze fell off their daughter and hit the floor and made a sick sound. The light continued to grow and the blob began to smoke and turned into a fog like entity that moved toward the chimney and up and out of the home.

As it disappeared out of sight their parents ran to their children fell to their knees and took them into their arms. A large family hug took place that moment in front of the chimney, with Ashley still holding onto the box and gift hidden inside. An audible click was heard as Santa turned off his small monitor and looked over at Mitzi.

“I should be quite angry with you for planting that Recorder decoration but it appears things are now going to be fine at the Campbell’s.”

“See Santa, I knew you would want to know how things turned out,” stated the small elf.

“Oh dear, leave Mitzi alone she only followed your directions and placed the gifts as you instructed,” came a female voice.

“Thank you Misses Clause, we women must stick together,” laughed Mitzi.

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” laughed Santa. “I should know better than argue with either of you when the other is around.”

Misses Clause placed a mug of hot chocolate in front of each Santa and Mitzi and as she bent over a small piece of gold jewelry was exposed. She placed the cross back under her top and went about her business.

The Campbell’s had finished their group hug when Mister Campbell spotted a card hanging from the chimney. He stood and went over to the card and brought it back to his family to read. It was a simple red envelope made out to the Campbell Family.  He opened the card and after flipping the card open he saw gold cursive writing and the following words.

            Christmas is a time of sharing and family.

            A time of joy and peace to all in the world.

            A time when gifts are shared and enjoyed.

            It is also a time where some religions follow custom and belief.

            One celebrates the birth of their Savior.

            No matter the reason why you celebrate Christmas it is a time of belonging.

            May the warmth of the season make your family whole, and your daughter’s gift

            Bring strength and conviction to you.

    Mrs. Clause

They went to read the card again and before they could the writing disappeared and the card was no blank. Jason asked his sister what was the present she was holding and as she opened her hand it came to light. It was a simple gold cross held on a small gold chain.

It was Misses Clauses turn to turn off another monitor and smile. She thought that her husband may be sure to respect the thoughts and ideals of others but for her there were one true reason for this season. She patted the cross and went back into the room asking if anyone would like cookies.



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Ain’t No Sanity Clause

Sanity-ClauseIt was the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. All were found down by the fire enjoying the stories being read from a tome.
The pages of “Ain’t No Sanity Clause” provided the words and the stories inside would shock even Santa Clause.

Ain’t No Sanity Clause: An Anthology of Twisted Christmas Tales is a book to help you get over all the joy of the Holidays. It will take the Ho Ho Ho, and turn it into a No No No. The stories found in the anthology are not ones you will not want to tell the kiddies till you have read them first.  You will find a mixture of stories covering horror and time frames from the 17th century to modern day.

The anthology is the perfect anti-cheer relief for those who have a dark and twisted mind. The first hint of the type of stories found is that there is the “lucky” number of thirteen tales found within the pages of the book. There are stories that tie directly to the Christmas Holiday, and some have a time frame that perfectly match the goal of the anthology.

The stories contained will deal with a wide range of stories and ideas. You will find a story that tells the reader how Santa must go to extreme measures to get a elves to staff his workshop due to demand. Another takes us into the home of a young girl, Gretel, and her baby brother Hans. This story finds Gretel caring for her little brother on a dark story night when a knock comes from the door. The only other hint on that story is the greating from the other side of the door. It was simply, “Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in”.

Some of the other stories will have you reading to the end for a switch that will leave you scrambling back a few paragraphs. You will ask yourself, “Did I just read that”.  There are stories that give you an idea about good will on earth, and others will make you think twice about kissing under the mistletoe.

Ain’t No Sanity Clause is a great set of stories that just take the Christmas Holidays in another direction. I know there are some that get tired of the festive feel of the season.  Others just want to stop the insanity that comes from nonstop commercials that people find during the holidays.

If you happen to be one of those people then this is the book for you. One additional story to tell you about is just imagine what would happen if Santa got back to the Pole infected. The infection is not that of a zombie but will have him becoming someone he wasn’t.

Below is a listing of the great authors found in Ain’t No Sanity Clause which was edited by Theresa Derwin and published by Fringeworks.

Joel Lane

Cathy Douglas

Jonathon Green

Caroline Cormack

Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi

Mike Chinn

Colin Fisher

Neville Watkins

G.P. Francis

Lucy Robertson

Michele Roger

Damon Cavalchini

Adem Rolfe

The great cover art was done by Martin Reimann

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Personal Insights into me and my Multiple Sclerosis

I’m not one to do year in review type of posts. I do think it is important to learn from the past and to move forward, but not live in the past. So I do not go for the end of year, or highlights type of things. Instead I noticed I have not mentioned much about my Multiple Sclerosis and what that brings to my life in some time. So, that is the point of this post, my life since I got diagnosed.

I last touched on this subject over a year ago. I made sure to point out how I hate how people react to things when they hear I have MS.  I didn’t get a death sentence I got a sentence to look for possible challenges.  Things may not go the way I want day after day and I should be ready for it, but not let it run my life.

I’ve done my best to keep positive, keep moving and not let the MS take me. I believe that it is currently in remission as I haven’t had a major flare up in sometime. I get to look forward to almost yearly MRIs to check the progress of the disease and I think I dread that even more than anything else. One can only go into a machine to have your brain scanned so many times before you start to go, ENOUGH!

I say that as the last MRI that was done I actually had to take some medicine to be “chilled” during the MRI.  See, for me it’s not a simple in and out we go, no it’s go in for about an hour so they can run the scans. They pull me out and I get a contrast solution injected into me and back into the machine I go for up to another hour.

The other thing is that at times I can tell when the MS has gotten to me. I can be walking in a store, working outside, or just doing some cooking and boom I’m exhausted.  At times I will push through that feeling and finish up what I’m doing, like mowing the lawn. The problem is that after I complete the task I’m useless till I relax a bit and energy level returns. It gets to me as I get frustrated and depressed about not being able to complete what I’m doing.

Up to this point, if you are still reading, you get the idea that my original thoughts on MS have changed. You may think that I am no longer trying to stay positive and get the idea I could be giving up, or just overly depressed. I know that to me I’d think that my thoughts have certainly changed from my original post on MS.

I am here to say that is not the case. I know I can get upset, depressed, and just mad but like so many others there are other factors.  I’m not one to go into details on those, but just think about most people you know. How many have a “perfect” life? How many do not have financial issues? How many do not have problems that they cannot control weighing them down?

My MS Medication, CoPaxone, is currently over $4k a month, but I have insurance to help. I also get support from the manufacturer of the drug. I have other health bills but I’m able to pay them and take care of my family.  Would I like more in my pocket, sure but who wouldn’t.  I, however, take what I have and live within my means. Granted if you’d like to donate something get in touch. J JUST KIDDING.

So by now you have read enough things to wonder about my mental health. You may wonder, ok what is the point of this? What are you trying to say here?

It’s answer time.

I want you to say that no matter how things have gone, are going, for me I am still the same person I was when I posted my original thoughts.  I haven’t given up on life, and quite the different mindset. Each day to me is a new adventure. It is an opportunity to witness what life has to over, and as some photo’s I’ve included below I share the beauty of nature.

I also do things to keep my mind active which is the most important thing I can do. I want to be able to formulate words, sentences and paragraphs. I want to be able to take those and put them into the reviews on the site, and my own short stories.  I  may never know how well they are liked but as long as I see traffic I’m thrilled. It just means my words are being read by someone and I’m contributing in some way to this world. I say the world as WordPress will show me the country of origin on my site visits and I have seen things from many corners of the world.

I also do my best to help those who may need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. It’s not easy to do in today’s world of sexual harassment or closed feelings but I offer my support where I can. I may not always know if someone is hurting but I do my best even if it’s just through a kind word. I may not be a rich man, and unable to help others financially so I do what I can in other ways.  I like to think that my reviews and stories are a simple way to help as it offers a distraction from life too. One of the things I do for myself in a way to help my own mind is some simple meditation and Tai Chi.

As you can sense I’ve very complex and keep doing things to keep my mind active. I do not want to stop and focus on the handicap called Multiple Sclerosis. I know I have it but it’s not who I am. I feel that those with problems need to look beyond them and show it won’t be the thing that tears them down. I’ve never asked for pity and never will seek it, I hope. If you feel sorry for me, don’t. I am happy with what I have and who I am. Of course I’d be lying if I said I wish I had things better off, but hell who doesn’t.

So I’m going to close this winding post with some simple words. They are words coming from my heart to those who have made it this far. When the time comes that my days on this big blue dot are at an end I want one thing to be remembered.

I shared with the world, and no matter how small of an impact, I was here and I never gave in to those things that could tear me down.

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White Zombie Volume 1 -Anthology

White Zombie Volume 1White Zombie Volume 1 created by Richard Evans is an anthology that takes the stories of seven authors and gives the reader eleven tales. The tales within the pages take you into a world of Zombies but not all are the case. There are a few that do not tell you that they are zombies but instead infected by a virus. There is also one story that may not seem like a Zombie story but none the less the results are going to be the same as in many of the other stories.

I know that some will see the title, White Zombie, and get a dubious feeling regarding the title. If you are one of those put those feelings aside as the stories are all unique and have one major thing in common. The Zombies (Infected) with in the pages are just that, they are primarily white. The Caucasian race fall easiest to the virus that causes the Zombie hordes within the stories and it is other minorities that seem resistant. In truth in many it’s black people that seems most resistant and is often those who survive the original infection.

The stories will also give you some insight into bigotry on both sides of the racial divide that seems to be so predominant in some countries. There is one story that brings this to light as we find a white supremacist finding safety with a young black man, and his father. The older man is more willing to accept the white supremacist but his son’s gang violence past comes into play. This story to me is a great story on who we are as a people as these individuals eventually learn a great lesson. The story I’m discussing here is titled Penance.

There is a mixture of plots in the other stories as one involves the impact of corporate greed, Others have inner city individuals grouping together, a mixed martial artist fighting in the ring, soldiers in a foreign land and one involving an old woman and a beloved cat.

The range of the stories within the pages of White Zombie is enough to keep any fan of the genre interested. The title makes perfect sense when you consider the subject manner of the bulk of the stories. It is something any fan of the genre should enjoy along with those who want to see how the balance of the different races plays out in the stories. The key thing, no matter who you are the infection can reach you, or impact you at some point.

Links below are to those involved in White Zombie

Richard Evans

Marcus E.T.

J.L. Petty

Kevin Hopson

John L. Thompson

Paul Dick

Kat Hary

*Note if you know of a link or would like a change from the above just let me know.

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The Falcon’s Chase by Kate Monroe

Falcon ChaseThis is just a quick note to let you know that the book reviewed in this blog entry is one that falls into the Romance and Erotica Genre. This means the book will contain some adult situations and innuendos that some readers may not find fits their personal tastes.


The Falcon’s Chase is a book put out by Pink Pepper Press and is written by Kate Monroe. The book takes the reader into a steam punk world.  The setting is Victoria England, with Queen Victoria being the ruler of the empire.  An Empire that had men exploring the globe and due to raids on Spanish shipping they were labeled pirates. It is one of those pirates that we find at the center of the book.

Captain Reuben Costello, who is awaiting his execution, is suffering in one of the cells in the legendary Tower or London. He had let his lecherous ways lead to his capture as he was in bed with his latest mistress when the Royal Navy captured him. The chargers may not have been so severe to require his execution but here he is stuck behind the bars.

You can only imagine what must be going through the captain’s mind as he waits for his execution. Frustration, anger, sorrow, and so much more must be crossing the mind of a man who had lost his freedom. The one thought that is brought into his mind quickly is lust. This is happens after hearing footsteps approach his cell he finds a beautiful woman being let into his cell. His first thoughts must be that she is there to give him a last meal. Instead after attempting to act on those original thoughts he finds that he is mistaken. This beautiful woman, Lady Arianne Dalton, is actually there to help him to escape. Her only request for committing this treason against the country is to get passage out of England.

This is the setup of The Falcon’s Chase. A book that finds the good Captain so in love with the Lady he will do all he can to bed her. He loves her for her beauty and as he discovers more about her he begins to love her for the person she is. This is a woman he did not expect to find as she shows her worth to him, and his ship, throughout the book.

Lady Arianne herself finds the Captain to be a gruff man, but she does become fascinated with the man. As she learns more about him and what lead to his prosthetic arm she begins to have carnal feelings for the Captain. The two drive each other crazy, with the Captain consistently reminding the Lady she will be his before their travels are over.

The book has more to it than the constant sparing between these two main characters. The innuendoes, and eventual “joining” is well written by Monroe. The book adds another layer when there is found to be political intrigue involving a possible change that could impact the world they live in. This intrigue can be traced back to elements, family, and friends in England that lead to the Lady and the Captain returning to England.

Although this is set in Victoria England there are some more modern technologies that are used within these pages. The study of nanobots, and pirate ships that sail upon the wind and not the water are two main examples. The clothing is described and made to be fitting into the era the book is set. The Captain is also found to be a man who sees women not just as objects but ship mates as we find his crew to include women. This is something a bit refreshing for a book set in this era as often women are seen just as objects, and this is one reason Lady Arianne wishes to escape England at the beginning of the book.

The Falcon’s Chase may not be for all readers due to some of its more adult passages. However, if you can allow yourself to read the book for its story and back plot you will find a book that fits this genre very well. It even has a hint of science fiction from the use of the nanobots.  Of course one cannot forget about the political intrigue that is found within these pages.

The book is a departure from others posted on the blog up to this time, but none the less, I did find myself enjoying the book. It was not heavy on the sex that I equated with a romance novel. Instead it is filled with innuendos and other adult situations that can get a reader’s attention. The story is also one that fits into a great tale that has covered thousands of stories and years. A story that takes two people, from different worlds, and through adversity come together and find love.

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My Blog Policies and FAQ

ReviewingI want to start by saying there is no specific reason for this post other than to make sure those who do follow me understand how my blog works. This is specifically aimed at the book reviews I do and the rare movie review I may post.

The below is done in a Frequently Asked Questions type of way as to help answer anything that may come to mind.

Question: Why Books

I was lucky that after some people saw my movie reviews on Horror Addicts I was asked if I ever did anything for books. At first I said no, because I mean I watched movies and now they want me to read. The only reading I did was by watching foreign subtitled films.  I’ve also been an avid reader for most of my life and it was like getting back to a first love.

Question: Do you purchase all the books?

No I don’t. I maybe an avid reader but I do have a budget. I get the books often from the writer themselves or a publisher it’s been great to work with them as they are kind enough to send me their book.

Question: What’s with your review style?

My style is simple. So often we read a review of a book, or movie, and those reviewers pick the piece apart. They complain about the script, writing style and story. They give their opinion and don’t bother to really you a reason to read, or watch the subject of their review. I HATE that about some reviewers so I do it different.

You will find I won’t write anything negative about something even if I personally do not like the subject. What I do is give fans of a genre a reason to check the item out. So I may give a bit of information but the whole point of my review is to give you enough information to make your own opinion on whether to take a gamble on it.

Question: Do you prefer ebooks or physical copies, and how do I get something reviewed?

When it comes to my preface I don’t really have one. I’ve been lucky and a few have sent hard copies to me and kind enough to autograph them. It’s a great surprise when those come cause it means more then they will know. I NEVER resell the books but instead they have a special shelf. They get put in with books I had autographed by a childhood author I loved, one Tom Deitz.

I will however take whatever they are willing to send. All you have to do is get in touch with me and the best way is through my email address of

Question: Do you have a genre you prefer?

I do not. It just so happens I started with Horror Addicts but I am willing to read anything that is sent my way. The only thing is at this time I would like to keep it to Fiction.

Last Question: Do you make anything from doing the reviews?

Nope I don’t make a buck, a quarter, dime, nickel or even a penny for what I’m doing. It’s a service to writers that I took on myself.  If anything I hope that they will post my review or share it with their potential readers. If I’m lucky they will tell others about the work I’ve done and I may find even more people interested.

So that’s it. If you feel you want to know more about my process, my work or even my personal writings get in touch.

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