Drago’s Revenge Book Two in The Blood Chronicles by S.B Knight

30 Nov

DragoS.B Knight’s novel Born of Blood introduced the reader to one of the more vicious vampires in literature that comes to mind over the past few years. This is not the feel good vampire you see in books such as Twilight but one that takes the reader in a far darker mindset of a creature. 

Born of Blood gave the reader the back drop on Drago, his family tree and how was related to Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory was a countess in Hungary, who is known to be the world’s deadliest female serial killer as she killed a rumored hundreds of young women. Her obsession was the blood of these young women as she felt by bathing in their blood she would stay forever young. Such madness cannot be understood and as a reminder Drago is her descendant. 

Drago’s Revenge takes us just months into the continuing saga of The Blood Chronicles as we find a dark figure entering a Goth night club.  The figure keeps his identity hidden but is there for a dark reason. The figure is looking for help and will use any means necessary to get that help. This involved even killing the group’s leader to get someone more willing to listen to his demands in charge. The demand that the figure gives the group is simple to grab a new born baby from its parents from the hospital after its birth. 

As you continue to read the novel you find that the parents are Sam and Reba who survived the events of Born in Blood. Reba is now nearing the birth of her child and Sam is not the father. Instead it was someone from the previous book who had not survived. Sam was also left with a hole in his soul as the woman he loved, Jesse, did not make it.  Sam and Reba both care for those they lost but have gained a relationship through their mutual loss.

Drago’s Revenge not only reminds the reader of those who survived but it will bring in a whole new set of characters. There will surely be the band of individuals being recruited at the beginning of the book, but also Sam finds out he is not alone in this fight as well. Sam is thankfully helped by some great friends and as you read the book you get to see how involved they become. You will also be impressed in just how far they are willing to go to help their Sam.  

Drago continues to repeat his actions from the first book but doing anything to get what he wants. No one should get in his way and try and stop him.  He also finds pleasure in many of the dark and twisted thing he does for “sport”. This is what  makes Drago’s character so deadly but at the same time you could find yourself wondering what will he do next.

As in the first book, Drago finds himself a woman that is just as dark and twisted as he is to help him do some “redecorating” in an office Drago claims as his own. It’s these dark moments that a bit of twisted humor is put in the story to break down some of the darkness. 

S.B Knight continues the great story from the first book in Drago’s Revenge. The story elements continue to have a dark side to them but flashes of humor can be found in just the right moments. It’s not just for the reader but used in a way to create a break for what his characters are going through. One of the best moments in my mind is when we find out how Sam earned a nickname as a child. 

If you read and enjoyed Born of Blood you will want to see how the story continues, and Drago’s Revenge is a great follow up. There are twists in this book that will surprise you and draw you into the story.  I will add there are some violent images that are created in the mind in some of the scenes so parents, be sure to read the book before letting younger children.  

To conclude Drago’s Revenge can be a stand-alone book as you get enough from the story as you read on some of the things that happened in Born of Blood. As this book is part of The Blood Chronicles I would recommend reading Born of Blood prior to this book so you get an idea on where the characters come from and what has driven them to this point in the Chronicles.

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