Dark Passages DVD Release – December 2012

25 Nov

I’m thrilled to be announcing that the short film Dark Passages will be released in the month of December. I did a review of the short when I was a staff writer for Horror Addicts and below is some of that review. At the end of that there is a link to the original review for those who may be interested.

I will add that I did get to interview Cesar Cruz who is the mind behind Dark Passages. The man showed he cared about his film and shared some great insights in what he was doing with the movie. So with that stated please take a moment to read the below snippet of my original review.


Dark Passages is a short film that came out of the mind of Cesar Cruz and Outworld Entertainment. The film may have had a limited budget but there is enough action and drama in the film that it appears to have been made for much more.

Dark Passages starts with people awakening in a wooded area having no idea how they got there. After a period we find that they start to question each other blaming the other for the mess they have found themselves in. It’s only when a maniac woman runs up to them trying to get them to be quiet and get them to run.

What’s after her? What’s got her so scared? It’s simple a man with a GIANT Hammer. The man can swing the thing with little effort and if he hits you with the device, well they don’t want to be hit.

The above is just a bit of the review I did for Dark Passages which is going to be coming out for sale on DVD in December. If you wish to read the rest of the review please head on over to Horror Addicts, where I was a staff writer.

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