Tom Turkey, Protector. (A Dark Tale for Thanksgiving)

22 Nov

The story below is a bit on the dark side as it shows the investigation that Protector, Tom Turkey takes to find out why those in his community disappear each year.  The story is not gory but just a thought it may not be for little kids.  It’s an original story by me.


Tom was the best cop on his beat. He had solved every petty crime that had come his way and had only one major crime that had gone unsolved for decades. It has been an ongoing case since he could remember from his short time on the force.  The old timers told him about the case and how it had been going on as long as anyone could remember.

The problem was that every year a large number of people would suddenly disappear and never return.  One night the small town would be asleep and the next morning a stranger down the block, a neighbor, or a family member would be just gone. There was no warning and no explanation it appeared that someone came in, picked them up and like that they were gone.

Tom had been brought into the case early into his career among the protectors. The community was too small so instead of a police force they had protectors and Tom was one of the newest members. So instead they had the protectors. They had the same basic jobs as a police officer would in a city but just not the title.

Tom knew the time for the next mass disappearances was coming and he was going to do all he could to prevent it this year. He planned for a week in advance of the big day as it approached. He began walking his beat and paying more attention as people came and went. He watched for strangers or people hanging around were they should not be.

Over those few short weeks nothing came to his attention as it was always business as usual. People would go to the communal dinning location and eat dinner. They would get to their homes and sleep next to each other in a very safe manner. It was rare when the people did not have others around them at all times.

Tom was running out of time he started to get nervous, stopped eating and lost weight. As the day finally came he stood back as the others in the community enjoyed their meals. He watched as they ate together and for the first time he saw something strange happening. He told him this was not the day that events were wrong but there was no escaping what he saw.

The community started acting funny. They were walking into each other staggering around the ground. People who had been friends for years walked up and into each other knocking them down to the ground. Tom looked on in panic and ran up and using his arms reached out and tried to shake people to see what was going on. He shuck them so hard some even lost a few feathers.

It’s then that Tom saw something out of the corner of his eye. Someone, no something was entering their home and it was tall. It was really tall, it walked on two legs like he did but it had long things hanging off its side. They looked funny they didn’t have feathers across their body and had some type of outer cover. They started to pick up members of the community by their necks and carry them away.

Tom went crazy when he saw this happening. He charged the creatures and started to try and attack one of them. He saw the creature lift its leg and felt the kick as it pushed him aside and then he was grabbed. He was being taken no how could this be happening to him. Why wasn’t anyone else fighting?  Tom got back up from the kick and he blacked out as something grabbed him by the neck cutting off air to his brain.
Tom awoke and he had no idea where he was. He heard a noise that brought a bit of a chill through his spine. He knew that he had solved the case but in his situation there was nothing he could do to tell the others. The fact that he had been abducted by these strange creatures along with so many others did no help him feel any better.

As his mind cleared more he started to look around and found he was trapped in a small space. He had no way of getting out and the others with him still seemed to be dazed.  He watched in horror as one of those creatures came up to the space and one of the others was grabbed and pulled out an opening.

The way the group of six of them was stuck together he had no way to try and help. He had to watch in horror as the creature carried the unmoving body to a location just barely in sight. He watched as they placed the neck down and the body laid there not putting up much of a fight. Something else appeared in the creatures hand and he gobbled in horror as he saw the creature cut the head off the community member.

Tom hung his head in sober way realizing what was coming for the rest of them stuck in this enclosure. He had solved the case, but at the same time was to become one of the missing. He watched as the creature came back and grabbed another community member one at a time till he was alone. He thought about putting up a fight but he knew what was going to happen and had reserved himself to his fate.  So he thought, Tom Turkey, you had a great life and I hope no one in the community ever finds out what is happening.

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