Three Miles Below by Kevin Hopson

14 Nov

A sound penetrates the miles of rock that you are working within and the earth begins to shake. It’s an earthquake and one of the biggest fears a miner can face when working miles under the Earth’s surface. A fear that can become reality at any time and for three co-workers it happens in the short story, Three Miles Below published by Museit Up Publishing.

Kevin Hopson is the writer of this short tale and takes the reader into the world of three friends. The group consists of Daemon, Tayt and Mack. The story is told from Mack’s point of view and we get to read along as he guides his coworkers in a struggle to survive so far underground.

The problem these men face is not just the possibility of dying down below but at times they wonder if there will ever get rescued. They have to take it upon themselves to leave their shelter and try and  make their way through the rubble to the elevator to the surface. They have to hope that there will not be continued aftershocks that could bring the walls down on the, or the air turning foul.

What Kevin Hopson does in this short story is bring you deep within the mindset of this small group of men. He gets you inside their minds and helps bring the comradeship they feel out in this brief story. Things may not go the way they hope but as other factors start to come to light you wonder what is really going on. It’s as you get closer to the end, and the men to the surface, that you find out that maybe they should have stayed below.  There was a possible good reason why their contacts to the surface went unanswered and it’s up to you, the reader, to find out why.

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