The Legacy of Daddy by Angus H. Day

31 Oct

When I first saw the title, “The Legacy of Daddy”, I wondered what kind of book was I about to read. The title conjures up a lot of possibilities and some are not exactly clean. The book is written by Angus H. Day and is a self-published title that is available on Smashwords and Amazon

The book takes the reader into a Sci-Fi setting set in a far future where man is now living in domed cities. Earth has completely changed and one must earn points to get a better position in life or suffer on the lower level of society. It’s a world full of possibilities if you can get the points, and there are opportunities to go off planet if you so want to take that type of a job.

One, Robert Abrams Focsile, is one such man preparing to take the practical test to get his PhD and at the same time possible future credits.  Robert was working on finding a way to take some alien tech that was assigned to him and get it to work with current human tech. The tech came from a ship that was found out by the Kuiper Belt, man’s furthest point of exploration by that point.

During the PhD preparation Robert ends up finding out how well the new device actually will work when he accidently stabs himself. He hits a button to fix things and after the nanites within the machine go to work Robert wakes unhurt, but unfortunately his wife had come home and vomited on his prone body. Some guys have all the luck.

Robert does arrive for his PhD test, and unfortunately for him he gets himself into some into severe trouble. The issue, another student there for her PhD test has and accident and is severely injured. There is little chance she will survive so he does the only thing he can, he uses the device on her. This however is a major violation of law and it may cost him everything he has been working for in his life.

The book takes off from here as Robert finds himself out in outer space working for a large company. His ability to incorporate alien technology with human tech is a very wanted commodity. The problem is as you read along you find out that Robert is not doing this by himself, but has “inside” help.  The help I refer to, well I will just say that it will lead him to adventures beyond his imagination. This help will also help humanity go further out in the stars and begin interacting with not only alien technology, but alien races.

“The Legacy of Daddy” is a book that reads much like a journal. The story is often told from the perspective of Robert and it makes you wonder if he is the “daddy” referred to in the title. There’s a chance that it could be one of the other primary characters within the book as well. As you read you will find that those nanites that Robert uncovers are able to do things that come out of the imagination of author Angus H. Day.  The book is sure to please those with a love of sci-fi and the one thing to note is there is some slight adult content. It’s not anything major but something those with younger readers may want to check out first.


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2 responses to “The Legacy of Daddy by Angus H. Day

  1. Angus Day

    November 1, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    I enjoyed reading this review, in some respects more than I enjoyed writing the book. Thank you sir.

    • knightmist

      November 1, 2012 at 5:49 PM

      It was a pleasure Angus. Thank you for contacting me about your book. I wouldn’t have learned about it any other way. So again thank you for the opportunity. 🙂


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