Mind’s Eye: A True Story by Shawn Micallef

08 Oct

The below will read like a fictional story, but you will find it hard to believe it is 100% TRUE!   It’s a story that starts off with a chance of sending a bit of a chill down the spine but by the ending hopefully you will be surprised, and relieved.


A little grey flash crossed in the peripheral vision. It did not stay in the line of sight long but the eyes mind recognized the moment causing the head to turn. Upon looking there was nothing seen, or in view. So the man went back to click and clacking away on his computer.

He had spent a good hour or more doing menial things like, paying bills, writing emails, and just surfing the web. He was not worried about the things he could not see as he was in his home and no one was there to disturb him.

So he kept on doing his things and began click and clacking again. This time he was writing additional words for a short story he was turning into a novelette.  As he stared at the computer screen pondering where to take his story his mind’s eye told him he needed to look out. Something was happening around him but he was not listening to his senses.

The Blur was back.

Now, to give you a back ground on what the man was writing it was a horror story. A man caught in a foreign country having to escape the beginnings of a possible zombie infestation of Europe. The man’s story had gotten to a point where his main character had spent many days crossing the country of France finding him on the wrong side of the country. He was stuck, what to do now, how to get the main character back to the other side of the country.

Well as he thought about that he did not listen to what the mind’s eye was telling him. He totally missed the fact that blur had gotten around him and was now behind his field of sight. It had gotten on top of the desk behind him and was creeping up on him.

He only had to turn around to see what was happening behind him but he was oblivious to what was going on. It was only in that last minute did he realize what was going on. The moment he felt something lick the back of his head, sending shivers down his spine. It’s then that the man turned around to see the face of his cat staring at him. As the man stood to get up and stretch after the slight scare the cat showed him what it wanted. The cat ran to the food dish showing that it was hungry.

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