Coming in October 2012

03 Oct

It appears I got a bit over zealous with my plans for the Month of September as I was unable to get everything I wanted to complete done by the end of the month.  This thing they call “Life” decided to throw a few to many lemons in my direction. Since I’m not a big fan of lemonade it took some time to sell those lemons to those who would be willing to make lemonade.  Next thing I know the month is over and I still have things on my To-Do List.

I still must finish my review for the book Haywire by Justin Macumber and post some more of my own work.  I am happy to say that those two things will be accomplished shortly, as I am writing the review after I put this blog entry out.

So look for the Haywire review by the end of this week.

My personal short story has grown from a small one thousand words to nearly ten thousand words. I am busy writing about the travels of my main character in the short, Encircled in Malta, as he travels through part of Europe and eventually ends up on the island. I’m currently at a point where the man finds himself stuck on the French Coast just miles from the English Channel and possible salvation. However, he’s on the wrong coast line to make an easy trip to Malta, so what to do.

The other plans for this month involve a new anthology titled, Now I Lay Me Down to Reap.  This is brought to you by the great folks over at Siren’s Call Publications which has been kind enough to send me a copy to read and review.

This is something I’m willing to do for any author and I’m not just stuck in the Horror Genre. How knows, you could find sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and even (pause for effect) erotica.

Well to accomplish my October plans I must stop this writing, and get back to the other type of writing.  Of course to do some of that I must get reading.

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