Born of Blood by SB Knight

28 Sep

Many of us grow up knowing who our mother and father are from the day we are born. We learn the family history as we grow up and often we can find pride in where we came from. There are those, however, that have no idea who their parents are and are often adopted children. These children can grow up not knowing their families past and are cared for by those who may love them, but are not blood.

In the book, Born of Blood, by author SB Knight we are introduced to one such woman. Her name is Jocelyn “Jesse” Banks, and she is and adopted child. She was fortunate that her adoption was handled by the church and she was put in the home of two very caring parents. They may not be thrilled with Jesse’s job in a machine shop, but they truly want the best for their child.

Jesse has gotten to the point in her life that she has even tried Online Dating and it is here that she finds herself introduced to the mysterious Drake.  The man somewhat speaks in riddles in his emails but she does find herself attracted to the man. They do eventually meet and their first date does prove how special this woman is to Drake.

The problem for Jesse comes that after meeting Drake and bringing him into her circle of life things begin to get strange.  She finds him showing up at bars, work and other locations she happens to be at. She even finds herself attacked after a late dinner with Drake one evening. A coworker suddenly disappears leading her boss to close the business to find the missing man, his brother.  Strange and violent murders begin to happen in her area, and one is a prostitute that may look like Jesse.  Lastly Jesse finds herself finally talking and getting to know her nerdy neighbor Sam, which could lead to trouble for them both.

There is one key aspect that has not been mentioned as of yet and this is as you read the book you will find that Drake is a VAMPIRE.  Drake is return to those blood thirsty, planning, and devious creatures that many have read about over the years. This is a man, no beast who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to have that desire.

What SB Knight does within the pages of Born of Blood is remind the reader what a vampire is. He reminds you that they maybe human looking but their soul is dark and deadly.  SB also adds another element to this book that is intriguing as found within the first few pages.  He takes you back into history and reminds us of one of the blood thirstiest women to have lived. This woman is reported to have murdered hundreds of young girls, and she is the Blood Countess herself, Elizabeth Bathory. SB does a tremendous job tying these glimpses into the past, into the current period in which the book takes place.

Born of Blood is a book that fans of the vampire genre will enjoy. In truth, fans of all types will find this book a great read. SB Knight does a great job in using his words to paint a picture of what is happening within the book. He also makes you aware of how powerful, deceitful and deadly a vampire is when you cross them.  The book is full of history not just from the flashbacks to the days of Bathory, but also the thing Jesse is missing most, her family history.

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