Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity

22 Sep

Ever picture, wonder, or imagine what it would be like if the creatures out of Ancient Myths were real? It can bring many thoughts to the mind and many possible implications to the world we live in today. In the Anthology, “Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity”, the team at Siren’s Call Publications brings such a book together.

The Anthology brings twelve great authors together to give them an outlet to tell their stories. Creatures of all kind awaken within the pages of the book and the mind. There is a great mixture of stories from the scary to the cursed. In truth all those characters involved in the stories have quite the existence as the stories unfold.

Each author sets a story that will have you learning just enough about the mythological character that you should be able to place who, or what, they are. If you are unable to do this there is no real concern as the stories themselves are a great read and easily worth a review.

Out of the twelve stories some of the characters you will come across are well known. They include satyrs, gluttonous children, Morrigan, and others. After all there are twelve brilliantly written stories with in the anthology, “Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity”.

The stories are well edited and written in such a manner that even younger readers should enjoy their stories. However, keep in mind that these are adults writing stories that are meant to speak of monstrosity. There are some adult themes in a story, or is it two, that you will want to watch for. The violence portrayed in aspects of the different stories are done in a brilliant way and toned just enough that they work with each story.

Below you will find links to each one of the featured authors within the anthology and you’d miss out on their other great works if you do not check their sites out. Also be sure to look at Siren’s Call Publications for other great books.

Siren’s Call Publications

Thomas James Brown

Nina D’Arcangela

K Trap Jones

Amber Keller

Lisamarie Lamb

Edward Lorn

Kate Monroe

Alexa Muir

Joseph Pinto

J. Marie Ravenshaw

Julianne Snow

Jonathan Templar

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