The Zombie Generation by Drake Vaughn

18 Jul

 The Zombie Generation is a book that will take you into the world, and mind, of Warner. He’s possibly one of the remaining lone survivors that has lasted a zombie apocalypse that has ravaged the United States and potentially the world.

Warner lives on the West Coast where the infection started. He was able to survive the original infection by using his works bunker like facility for a hiding place. Eventually he was forced to travel and find a new home and eventually came across a home setup in the hills with quite the setup.

This house has everything one would need to withstand a disaster and more importantly this is where Warner finds his love, Pam. She is described as a beautiful woman that Warner will do anything for to make her happy. He will go on raids into town to find her shampoo and clothing to fit her demands. The problem is that Pam herself is afraid to set foot outside of the house and thus Warner takes all the risks.

In truth as you read the book you find a lot about who Warner is, or was, as a person. He is plagued by his figs, figments of his imagination, that will berate him in his mind. The key one of these figs is that of his father who points out a lot of Warner’s flaws and that of the generation Warner grew up within. In fact the generation described could almost be a Zombie Generation without the infection that took humanity.

Drake Vaughn, the author, seems to have an ability to get into the head of his main character. The way in which the story goes along we see a small growth in this man. He has lived possibly a year or more with very slim human companionship and it’s taking its taking its toll on the man. To top this up he is consistently having to watch out for the buggers, zombies.

This is another factor of the book that Vaughn does so well. He explains how the Zombie infestation drove across the United States. Vaughn goes as far as telling the reader how the government tried to battle the infestation. The things the government tried to feed the troops, and survivors out in the infected zones until the infection finally reached the East Coast and Washington D.C.

The Zombie Generation is a complex story with an equally complex lead character. The setting being a Zombie apocalypse adds to the story line in such a way the setting is so important. Vaughn sets the picture of how the zombies work together and their general mannerisms. These zombies maybe close to those seen in other books but have some unique qualities that it adds a great element to the story.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Zombie Generation and at times could relate to the main character. His life had changed so dramatically from being a work-a-holic to pay the bills to a man fending for his own life.  It’s not just the world that went crazy but there is a good chance Warner went with that world.

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