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Vikings, Vampires and Mailmen by Kevin Glennon: Book Review

Vikings, Vampires and Mailmen is a title of a book written by Kevin Glennon.  I know when I first looked at the title I was unsure how these would all tie together in a book.  The cover is enough to make you wonder as there is an illustrated bullet entry and exit point.   As you turn to look at the back cover and read the brief synopsis of the book you are met by a US Postal Service box that as a unique label upon it. The design on that label has a bat head and wings flying in a logo that is close to the USPS logo.  The other major difference in the well-known USPS logo is that in the fine print it states, “The United States Vampire Service.”

The job of the USVS is to protect those in the United States from Vampires as the best they can. The group is a shadow organization hidden within the federal government and gets the funding they need to get the job done.  There is a reason they use the USPS as a cover, and thus the Mailmen part of the title.

The group is led by one Othniel O’Connor who would probably slug you for calling him Othniel. He goes by the moniker chief to his men and the government contact he works with.  The rest of his crew have unique names such as Pretty, Professor, Sluggo and Larry.  The group is made up an eclectic group of men that do what they can to protect the US, and the world from Vampires.

His men are not the only things that have special names to them.  As you read you will be introduced to the terminology the team uses.  The one name that you may seem a bit heartless is the term “wrappers.”  The reader will understand the reason for this name as you read further into the book.  The vampires are also designated with a different term and are even given their own ranking system.  The great things about these vampires are that their savagery goes back to some of the original vampires you have read about.  These are not the type that sparkle and are out to get the women, well except for a feast.

The weaponry and settings of the book are also things that many military minded readers will find interesting.  These “mailmen” are able to get their hands on some great military technology.  We get a glimpse of their supply chain and more importantly the effectiveness of what they use.

The job that Glennon does in writing this story will have you hooked within a chapter. The dynamics that are seen in the team are greatly done and you can sense the comradeship they have for each other. Those who are fans of military drama will get the sense this is a team that will go through hell for each other.  Their Chief is a man who cares just as much for his men as those they must try and protect.

What Glennon does here is he takes the story of vampires and puts in some unique history in them. As the jacket cover states there is a special Viking artifact that could be creating trouble for people.  This is used in the book in a very creative way and is something you could easily believe in.  The one additional thing that adds more to the book is a group out of Europe who has its own shadowy background and maybe more support from the US than the USVS.

The story is a great read and something fans of many genres will have trouble putting down.  It has elements of horror, sci-fi, history and some military touches to the book.  It is something that many readers will like regardless of their favorite genre.  It’s a book that needs to be talked about and shared with as many others as you can possible talk to about the book.


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