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Messages through Music?

I wonder how many people take the time when listening to the music on their favorite MP3 Player to notice the track of songs and to look for meanings in that listing.  I mean one could take, say three tracks or maybe five or more.

I for example was listening to my MP3 player at work and I looked at the track playing and the following track of songs.

The listing:

  • And We Dance
  • Cherry Pie
  • When we were young
  • 1985
  • Jump Jive and Wail
  • Dance Naked

I stopped there realizing that is quite the “interesting” message I could get from that set of songs especially if I toss out 1985.  Now I decided to continue my experiment and reshuffled the song list and created a new list.

  • Get’s Me Through
  • Don’t Stop the Music
  • The Final Countdown
  • Face Down

So, I look at this and say it’s just a fluke that after two shuffles that my new song lists would have songs that could give a person a message. Again, back to menu choose music and shuffle. So was the third time the one that broke the trend? Judge for yourself.

  • Nine Lives
  • Paralyzer
  • What Hurst The Most
  • Amnesia
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Crash
  • Bet U Wish U Had Me Back

Yes, again I stopped listing the titles when I came to a song that may not fit what I was seeing. I’m not a psychic but I have been asked if I have a “third eye” when it comes to some things. I’ve never claimed to have that but I am observant and detail orientated person.

As I look at the newly shuffled lists I can see maybe one song in each that would not belong. The thing is if you stop and think about the title, not the song or artist you may also be able to see a trend. I will not go into what I think they are as it’s upon the person to decipher their own meanings.

Something then came to mind as I typed that last sentence. It goes with the saying, “Eye of the beholder.” It’s interesting that is what came to mind. So often people follow a long in a mob mentality doing what the masses around them are doing. We are afraid to step out of the mob and do our own thing.

I wonder now if that’s what I’m trying to get at in my mindless flow of words. It’s possible that people get these type of messages from our surroundings all the time.  However, we refuse to see, or hear, them because we are too busy following the lead of another. Huh? It’s a good question that I’m putting out there and I know I’ve already started thinking on it.  I wonder if others who take the time to visit my blog will do the same.

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