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Personal Ghost Stories

Paranormal adventures and ghost hunting has become big business as there are several television shows that investigate the unknown. Some of my favorite shows are My Ghost Story and Celebrity Ghost Story as individuals, and celebrities, take time to share their stories.

It brings something to viewer as you get to watch people tell their stories.  It helps give even more credence to the possibility that your own stories could be told.  So, with that I wonder if anyone has had their own experiences with the unknown.  Well I know I have had some of my own experiences and I wish to share them here.

The first starts back in the late 1980’s as I was still in High School and in band class. Now no this isn’t a story like that from American Pie. I played the trombone and sat toward the middle of the room.  We had taken a break in class as the teacher was taking a moment to discuss a part of the music with the woodwinds.  I felt a chill come through me but in truth it was a warming chill.  I know that may seem odd but it was as if a cold chill started in my spine but a warmth took hold right after the chill started.  It felt in a way like when you get a hug from behind you did not know was coming.  I then looked across the band room and swore I saw my Grandmother who lived over six hours away waving at me.  I blinked and looked again and she was gone but that feeling was still there.  The day went on and I had put that moment out of my head as school work took hold. It was only when I saw my mother did I realize what happened. My mother informed me that my Grandmother had died earlier that day.

Then in college a friend was telling me about a local mystery light better known to many as The Paulding Light near Watersmeet, Michigan, in the beautiful Upper Peninsula.  I was attending Michigan Technological University and of course was interested.  So, one night we jumped into a car and road out the spot.  It was a nice night and there was no need for a jacket.  As we found the spot we saw there were a few others there waiting for their chance to see the light as well.  Being college kids we did talk to some of them waiting for the appropriate time to come.  Now note most will see college kids and go maybe there was some drinking and I will tell you now that were was not a drink had there or before.

So with it being stated that no one was drunk or slightly buzzed from pre-event drinks lets get back to what happened.  So we waited around for sometime then someone with a watch, and new time of appearance, stated that it should be coming anytime.  Then as we looked down this deserted road we saw ahead of us a light appear.  The light was just there in the air in the distance and there has not been a reason on why it’s there.  Some believe it is a rail way worker who was killed back in a period when a train used to run along the same path as the road.  The fact is hundreds, if not more, of people have come to see this light and I felt special as I was one of those who got to see this mysterious light.

Then someone in our group suggested we start walking down the road to see if we saw anything in the distance of if the light got brighter as we walked.  So we started to walk, and keep in mind I mentioned it was warm enough with no need for jackets.  So after walking about fifty yards a cold chill started not on my skin but in and around my spine.  It started traveling outward reaching my extremities and I got really cold.  I asked if others were feeling the chill and no one in the group did. As we got further I got colder and eventually told the group I had to go back as I was freezing.  So, we did go back and eventually we all decided to leave.  I have to say I did not sleep that night as I just could not get warm and even thinking about that night as I write I get a chill.

The last of my stories is more recent and took place at the Flint Horror Convention that I attended.  The movie and panels took place a few floors up from the vendor area.  I found it odd that on several trips up to that floor the elevator would stop at an empty floor on several occasions.  There was one case in which when going back to the vendor floor the elevator was filling up that I took the stairs. I got to one section of the winding stairwell when I felt pressure on my shoulders. It was as if someone was pushing down on me, and then a heavy pressure within me started to build. I slowed my pace but kept moving and after the next stairwell it was gone. I felt a bit freaked out but let it go, till later when talking to someone they stated the building was haunted.  I shared this with Michele Roger and her family and they also had some experiences in the same stairwell area as I did.  So knowing this when in the elevator alone or in the stairwell I’d say Thank you gentleman for sharing  your building.  I did this several times and after uttering those words did not have an issue. Actually the elevator even seemed to work better and not one time stopped at a wrong floor again when I was on board.

So there we have it, three stories from my personal life involving some of the odd things that have happened to me.  Do I believe that I maybe some what sensitive to what is happening around me? I cannot say but it sure makes interesting at times.

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