Templar to Monster

26 Nov

The below is a story of the death of a good Knight and the birth of a monster.

I come from a family line that can be traced back to the Templar Knights. A long departed relative name Sir Ralph St. Leger served with the Knights from 1186 to 1202, along with his son. The senior Ralph St. Leger did not always follow the code of the Templar’s. He was able to eat in silence, hold his consumption of meat, but unable to keep his hands off women. He fathered a few “bastard” children and that is where my family came into the order. We happily served the order as squires and some rose to fight with the Templar’s becoming Knights before the treasonous acts of King Philip IV of France used the church to destroy the order to get out of his debt in October 1307. This lead to Pop Clement agreeing to disband the order in 1312 and a black day in the world as it was known at the time.

Fortunately my family was in English and escaped much of the carnage seen in France. We where given a special mission to hide quantities of gold and jewels to the day the order could rebuild. It wasn’t until the year 1523 when I became involved. My name at that time was Ian Ledgerson. As you can see my family took the name of Leger just changing it slightly over the centuries.

I can still remember the cold autumn day in which I was out traveling by horse back with a long time comrade. We had just left the secret hiding place of the treasure and where on our way back to the castle. The sun was setting so we where traveling at close to full gallop when we spotted a man ahead. He had a walking stick, a long cloak and to both of us resembled a man of god. We pulled up our horses and asked if he needed help. He turned to us both and we saw a face so pail and cold we where taken by shock. Our horses suddenly bucked knocking us both to the ground before running away. We stood up cursing the animals and brushed some of the road off our tunics.

We turned to ask the stranger a question but he was gone. Then I heard my comrade grunt and shriek in terror. I turned pulling at the blade on my hip and was hit with fear. The stranger had my comrade by the neck, with long teeth showing about to bite into his neck.

“Please, please, do not kill me I know of a great treasure. Spare my life and I’ll”

“Marcus, do not speak we pledged our life’s to protect that secret.”
“Ian I am not ready to die yet, especially in such a manner.” “

Please sir; whatever you are spare me and I will take you to it”

The stranger for the first time finally opens his mouth and speaks. His voice cold and icy with no emotion in it instantly sends chills down my spine and my hair rises on my neck.

“So. Your name is Marcus; this Treasure you speak of cannot be large for one such of yourself to be keeping watch over it.”

“Sir, it is a treasure passed on…..”

I rush at the stranger and Marcus, my goal to kill one of them to protect the Templar’s Treasure. However the stranger should unimaginable speed and using the walking stick trips me at my legs causing me to hit the ground. He then sticks an end on my throat making breathing difficult. He then speaks again.

“So, this treasure must be worth something if this fool is willing to kill over it. You will tell me know about it and I just may spare your life.”

Marcus shaking in fear and having soiled himself begins to weep and divulges the secret we had sworn to protect.

“Sirrr, the, the treasure we, (sniffs) are to protect is but a small remnant of the great Templar’s”

“Ahhh, the Templar’s I do recall that Order of Good doers always marching off to war in the Holy Lands. So tell me boy, how is it protected and most of all where do I find it.”

Marcus breaks down his knees giving way and as the stranger goes to hold him up I’m able to breathe again just shy of passing out.

“Father forgive me.” I hear Marcus say.

“There is a cove of trees back some 5 miles in the woods that leads to a hidden doorway. I do not know how to open it, only Ian knows.”

I scream, “NO MARCUS, DO NOT!! HE’LL KILL YO.” I’m unable to finish the words as Marcus screams as the powerful jaws clamp upon his neck and Marcus after what seems like minutes collapses to the hard road surface dead.

The Stranger then turns his attention to me, grabs the nape of the shirt around my neck and pulls me to my feet.

“Boy, you will take me there and show me everything.”

“I refuse I gave my word that my life will be forfeit before I ever betray the order and the duty I have taken.”

“So be it BOY!”

I do not recall much from there as the next few weeks seem like dreams. All I remember is following the orders of this stranger, opening the cavern, helping to move the treasure during the night and an insatiable hunger.

It is only know these 485 years later that I realize that he took me that night. He transferred me into the beast I am now. I at times still curse him for that but also must thank him. At that moment in time I began a new life and like him became a scoundrel of sorts.

I have traveled the centuries finding ways to gain influence and more importantly financial riches that would embarrass kings. I was a spy for the English during World War I helping them to defeat the German Hordes that went to take over the World at that time. Well, so they thought as I was a double agent actually helping the Germans but they where so poor ignorant to the fact the English had broken their codes I instead turned in one of their greatest spies. One Marta Hari, she was a delectable looking creature but I got more pleasure of watching her face her penalty for spying then I would have enjoyed her.

The thing I did love about war was the ease in hiding the corpses of those I fed upon to stay alive. So many thousands killed in battle or bombings the authorities rarely looked for bite wounds for cause of death.

Then came World War II and the Nazi’s where even a better regime to work for as they where truly more evil then I thought possible. They left such carnage over the countries of Poland and France I almost lost control of myself. The riches I was able to “collect” for myself continue to serve me will today. I unlike the Germans took items I know would not be missed by History or the families they where taken from. I did change some of my tactics and maybe my heart softened when I saw what the Nazi’s where doing to people in their “special” camps, but only time will tell if it will soften much more.

So, now I finally decided to setup a location in the “New World” and I will follow the pattern that has worked for me so well in the past into service here. Of course I begin with purchasing a beautiful home that on the outside blends in with the area but on the inside allows for me to update it to fit my needs.

I then will spend my evening’s setting up video surveillance cameras through out the city in such a manner I can see nearly all corners of the city. If not my own cameras then I will hack into the city’s network and use theirs. I then will simply watch and learn who in the rich in this city of skeletons in their closets and more importantly if more of my kind are around. Granted the greatest need will to be find some sources of nourishment although over 400 years I have found alternate means of feeding and keeping myself well nourished. I just wish that I was not one of 32 years when I was taken to this life as so many seem to look so much younger as I spy them throughout the world.

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