Friends or Acquaintence

26 Nov

I’m going to start this out by saying in no way am I trying to point fingers at anyone as I’m just as guilty as many others.  Personally, part of my problem is that I’m a private person.  I’m the type of person that people can trust with any secret with the knowledge it will be kept.  Just the shear number of things I got told in High School and College could make me rich if I was the type of person to use that knowledge.  However, at the same time I do not confide in others the same way.  The reason being I had done that in my past and after 1 to many bad experiences will not do so again. So, you can see from that description I may not be the best at making friends but will fight to keep the few I have made.

So to me I sometimes find myself wondering about Social Media and how those that you reconnect with are called friends. I know that with popular games people will add any strangers so they can to grow that groups membership.  This to me makes sense as I even do this practice.  However, what about those people that you actually go and look for or find you?  Are they really friends or just “Lost Souls” that may or may not really reach out to reconnect?  Are they adding you to show that they care about their old classmates or just because you where there?

I ask these questions to make people ask questions. It’s not a case of do I really want to be their friend but why did I reach out and add them?  Have I made any attempt to connect or talk to them?  They live within the same city as me; I should look them up and call them.

See things are all things we may think of doing but we often do not.  It’s so much easier to read a status message, look at pictures and read the info then really reach out.  Maybe we are afraid of the answer.  It’s probably the same reason we can interact so much better over bites and bits then face to face.  There is less physical and emotional attachment as you cannot see their facial expressions and emotions.  Is it maybe that you literally know nothing about them and have a fear of asking questions or not having anything in common?

I for one again, know that I’m am guilty of this and maybe it’s because I’ve lived so many years keeping to myself that I’m used to this.  I do let people get to see the person I am through these posts.  I also share my stories and other writings through contributing on, but even there I use an Alias.

So, what’s the point to this? I guess it’s simple for me to understand but confusing to others.   The point is to let people know that you are not alone. I see people I haven’t talked to in years on the internet and because of who I am may NEVER make the step to reach out.  I’ve had experiences in the past I do not want to relive.  I’ll read the posts, the blogs and the updates.  I’ll comment when I feel it’s important but not much more then that.  I put enough of myself into my writings that if people wish to know me they’ll get an idea through that.  If they wish to know more, well just ask.

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