A Glance out a Window

26 Nov

So today is just another day and I marvel as I look out the window behind me at work while I sit here on a break.  The sky is a grayish blue and the sun peaks out amongst the clouds to share a hint of yellow and warmth to the world.

It always amazes me on how a bad day, a moment of pain, or even a moment of frustration can be forgotten by a simple look out a window.

Now my view isn’t anything spectacular as I’m on the 2nd floor of the building.  I look out and see a city street and across the street is a parking garage.  It’s not your typical grey building but more of a very light brown that’s been faded to a tan by the elements.

The nice thing is I do have a tree outside of the window to see that touch of nature.  The branches are bare and blow up and down in the wind of the day.  The branches of the trees show the small start of bulbs starting to hint a shade of green as life begins to grow anew in the spring.

So, seeing things like that and just watching the simple truth of life and nature I can understand more and more why a look out the window is so helpful to clear the mind.

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