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Flint Horror Convention: A summary

The Flint Horror Convention ended back on 10/30/11, and those behind the event should be very proud of what they accomplished. Chris Ringler and Geary Roe pulled off a first time event that was well attended and had some great vendors and some very special guests showing that Horror of all types has a home in the state of Michigan.

The convention brought together several Independent film makers, artists, writers, photographers and more importantly fans of horror into one building.  This building is Flint’s Historic Masonic Temple which I found may have been a special guest to the convention and I will get into that a bit more.

The convention had a long list of guests and vendors and they all were more than willing to take time to talk to those attending.  I saw people sharing their stories, their products and many cases a handshake as people spoke together.  This of course is a great sign for a convention when those involved feel welcome be it from vendor, to guest, to visitor.

The layout was special as the films featured at the convention where shown in an auditorium that served as a perfect setting for them.  Those who were able to attend one of the nine films were able to view them in their own room with little to no interruptions.  The panels were along the same floor but far enough way that there was no problem hearing them and those doing the panels did a great job of helping them move along, which was a rare issue.

The vendors were on a separate floor and had a large room setup in a logical manner that it allowed people to flow freely among them all.  As I wondered the floor I came across some names from Horror Films fans may recognize.  Tom Sullivan, Hal Dietrich, Ken Sagoes, David Hayes, and Kevin Lindenmuth to just name a few of those seen across the vendor floor as you wandered around.  Horror Addicts fans would have found Michele Roger and Mark Eller among those at the convention.  Actually for many they would have found Mark at the door as he was volunteering his time with the convention.  Michele shared a bit more then here writing as I found out that she is an accomplished harpist.

The artists and photographers who were displaying their work had a great showing as their works displayed were stunning.  It was not easy walking away from some of the vendor tables without breaking the bank to find funds to purchase some of their great works.

Now the one special guest that some may have not realized were provided by the building itself.  You see, rumor has it the Masonic Temple, which has been around since the late 1800’s is haunted.  In speaking to some of the convention attendees there were some similar stories coming from people.  The main being the elevator stopping at empty floors with no one there and no buttons pushed.  Another was odd feelings people got as they decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  In speaking to some associated with the building there have been other events that have happened as well.  Guest John E.L. Tenney may have found this very interesting.  Fans of Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal State may recognize this name as he has been a research for both shows and will be on camera when the new version of Paranormal State starts with a new team.

The convention was open from 12 to 10pm and it was great to see people coming and going throughout the day.  The attendance was still there by almost 9pm that evening as there were still people walking around and looking at the vendors’ booths.  I have to say as someone who attended the convention you could not tell this was their first one.  There were several vendors who told me they were surprised with the turnout and the way the convention ran.  Tom Sullivan shared with me a horror story of another convention he was to attend and compared it to the Flint Convention.  To paraphrase what he said the differences were black and white between the two conventions.

The Flint Horror Convention is something fans of Horror not only in Michigan, but elsewhere, should keep an eye out for when future conventions are announced. I’m sure with the professionalism that this was run and some events held prior to the event there will be more.  It was a privilege to attend the convention and share with people information about Horror Addicts as I made my way around the convention.  The one thing I got from all my discussions was how great the convention was going. So, to all the volunteers and to the Flint Horror Con Committee great job to all and hope to see you next year. Lastly to those I spoke with I apologize for not mentioning everyone by name during this but the time you took to speak to me was greatly appreciated.

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Quick Note

Some of the new posts placed out there today are from an old blog I have not used in sometime and has been gathering dust in the virtual world of the web.  I hope you enjoy these older posts. There will be more to come and will cover everything from short stories to real life and more.


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My Life with Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and have been living relatively well since being diagnosed.  People always ask me what is MS and how how sad they fell for me, or that “I’m Sorry” comment.

The fact is people need to stop and think when they say things like that and I realize it’s a gut reaction but it’s not your fault.  You don’t need to be sorry it’s a part of life and well it happened to me.

The fact is I think I took the news better then many in my family and friends.  I took the news researched the disease and said, “Oh well, time to move along.”  I mean I wasn’t one of those people that was swearing, cursing god, or diving into deep depression.

People can live a normal life with MS depending on it’s severity.  I personally do not have the disease in a bad form.  I get tired, my muscles get soar and stiff on weather extremes, and at time I do get a bit moody.  I can still move around, walk, and do things I enjoy on my own power.  I may loose my balance at times but I haven’t fallen.

I don’t want people feeling bad for me, but instead just talk to me as a person.  The disease is here, I got it, I am on medications (pricey ones), but the fact is I’m still Shawn.  I have my odd sense of humor although it can be a sarcastic, a bit odd, and sometimes my mind twists a phrase to be a bit “naughty.”

I’ve always been a private person and I keep things inside as who wants to see a fat man cry? Who wants to see a man break down and scream at the world?  Well if you are the type don’t look here.  I do keep to myself but I’ve always been that individual the outsider so no big deal.

I feel better when I can actually be there and listen to someones problems and help them out. I’m the type of person who tries to understand the situation but do not judge as I know there is two sides to each story.

So, this disease won’t get me but instead I’m going to live with it and continue being me.  I go day by day and moment by moment.  I have my ups and downs and like everyone have my good and bad days.  So, to me life hasn’t changed much since getting MS.  I just take some things a bit slower and pace myself, but overall I’m still me.

Thanks for asking. 😉


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Templar to Monster

The below is a story of the death of a good Knight and the birth of a monster.

I come from a family line that can be traced back to the Templar Knights. A long departed relative name Sir Ralph St. Leger served with the Knights from 1186 to 1202, along with his son. The senior Ralph St. Leger did not always follow the code of the Templar’s. He was able to eat in silence, hold his consumption of meat, but unable to keep his hands off women. He fathered a few “bastard” children and that is where my family came into the order. We happily served the order as squires and some rose to fight with the Templar’s becoming Knights before the treasonous acts of King Philip IV of France used the church to destroy the order to get out of his debt in October 1307. This lead to Pop Clement agreeing to disband the order in 1312 and a black day in the world as it was known at the time.

Fortunately my family was in English and escaped much of the carnage seen in France. We where given a special mission to hide quantities of gold and jewels to the day the order could rebuild. It wasn’t until the year 1523 when I became involved. My name at that time was Ian Ledgerson. As you can see my family took the name of Leger just changing it slightly over the centuries.

I can still remember the cold autumn day in which I was out traveling by horse back with a long time comrade. We had just left the secret hiding place of the treasure and where on our way back to the castle. The sun was setting so we where traveling at close to full gallop when we spotted a man ahead. He had a walking stick, a long cloak and to both of us resembled a man of god. We pulled up our horses and asked if he needed help. He turned to us both and we saw a face so pail and cold we where taken by shock. Our horses suddenly bucked knocking us both to the ground before running away. We stood up cursing the animals and brushed some of the road off our tunics.

We turned to ask the stranger a question but he was gone. Then I heard my comrade grunt and shriek in terror. I turned pulling at the blade on my hip and was hit with fear. The stranger had my comrade by the neck, with long teeth showing about to bite into his neck.

“Please, please, do not kill me I know of a great treasure. Spare my life and I’ll”

“Marcus, do not speak we pledged our life’s to protect that secret.”
“Ian I am not ready to die yet, especially in such a manner.” “

Please sir; whatever you are spare me and I will take you to it”

The stranger for the first time finally opens his mouth and speaks. His voice cold and icy with no emotion in it instantly sends chills down my spine and my hair rises on my neck.

“So. Your name is Marcus; this Treasure you speak of cannot be large for one such of yourself to be keeping watch over it.”

“Sir, it is a treasure passed on…..”

I rush at the stranger and Marcus, my goal to kill one of them to protect the Templar’s Treasure. However the stranger should unimaginable speed and using the walking stick trips me at my legs causing me to hit the ground. He then sticks an end on my throat making breathing difficult. He then speaks again.

“So, this treasure must be worth something if this fool is willing to kill over it. You will tell me know about it and I just may spare your life.”

Marcus shaking in fear and having soiled himself begins to weep and divulges the secret we had sworn to protect.

“Sirrr, the, the treasure we, (sniffs) are to protect is but a small remnant of the great Templar’s”

“Ahhh, the Templar’s I do recall that Order of Good doers always marching off to war in the Holy Lands. So tell me boy, how is it protected and most of all where do I find it.”

Marcus breaks down his knees giving way and as the stranger goes to hold him up I’m able to breathe again just shy of passing out.

“Father forgive me.” I hear Marcus say.

“There is a cove of trees back some 5 miles in the woods that leads to a hidden doorway. I do not know how to open it, only Ian knows.”

I scream, “NO MARCUS, DO NOT!! HE’LL KILL YO.” I’m unable to finish the words as Marcus screams as the powerful jaws clamp upon his neck and Marcus after what seems like minutes collapses to the hard road surface dead.

The Stranger then turns his attention to me, grabs the nape of the shirt around my neck and pulls me to my feet.

“Boy, you will take me there and show me everything.”

“I refuse I gave my word that my life will be forfeit before I ever betray the order and the duty I have taken.”

“So be it BOY!”

I do not recall much from there as the next few weeks seem like dreams. All I remember is following the orders of this stranger, opening the cavern, helping to move the treasure during the night and an insatiable hunger.

It is only know these 485 years later that I realize that he took me that night. He transferred me into the beast I am now. I at times still curse him for that but also must thank him. At that moment in time I began a new life and like him became a scoundrel of sorts.

I have traveled the centuries finding ways to gain influence and more importantly financial riches that would embarrass kings. I was a spy for the English during World War I helping them to defeat the German Hordes that went to take over the World at that time. Well, so they thought as I was a double agent actually helping the Germans but they where so poor ignorant to the fact the English had broken their codes I instead turned in one of their greatest spies. One Marta Hari, she was a delectable looking creature but I got more pleasure of watching her face her penalty for spying then I would have enjoyed her.

The thing I did love about war was the ease in hiding the corpses of those I fed upon to stay alive. So many thousands killed in battle or bombings the authorities rarely looked for bite wounds for cause of death.

Then came World War II and the Nazi’s where even a better regime to work for as they where truly more evil then I thought possible. They left such carnage over the countries of Poland and France I almost lost control of myself. The riches I was able to “collect” for myself continue to serve me will today. I unlike the Germans took items I know would not be missed by History or the families they where taken from. I did change some of my tactics and maybe my heart softened when I saw what the Nazi’s where doing to people in their “special” camps, but only time will tell if it will soften much more.

So, now I finally decided to setup a location in the “New World” and I will follow the pattern that has worked for me so well in the past into service here. Of course I begin with purchasing a beautiful home that on the outside blends in with the area but on the inside allows for me to update it to fit my needs.

I then will spend my evening’s setting up video surveillance cameras through out the city in such a manner I can see nearly all corners of the city. If not my own cameras then I will hack into the city’s network and use theirs. I then will simply watch and learn who in the rich in this city of skeletons in their closets and more importantly if more of my kind are around. Granted the greatest need will to be find some sources of nourishment although over 400 years I have found alternate means of feeding and keeping myself well nourished. I just wish that I was not one of 32 years when I was taken to this life as so many seem to look so much younger as I spy them throughout the world.

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A Glance out a Window

So today is just another day and I marvel as I look out the window behind me at work while I sit here on a break.  The sky is a grayish blue and the sun peaks out amongst the clouds to share a hint of yellow and warmth to the world.

It always amazes me on how a bad day, a moment of pain, or even a moment of frustration can be forgotten by a simple look out a window.

Now my view isn’t anything spectacular as I’m on the 2nd floor of the building.  I look out and see a city street and across the street is a parking garage.  It’s not your typical grey building but more of a very light brown that’s been faded to a tan by the elements.

The nice thing is I do have a tree outside of the window to see that touch of nature.  The branches are bare and blow up and down in the wind of the day.  The branches of the trees show the small start of bulbs starting to hint a shade of green as life begins to grow anew in the spring.

So, seeing things like that and just watching the simple truth of life and nature I can understand more and more why a look out the window is so helpful to clear the mind.

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Friends or Acquaintence

I’m going to start this out by saying in no way am I trying to point fingers at anyone as I’m just as guilty as many others.  Personally, part of my problem is that I’m a private person.  I’m the type of person that people can trust with any secret with the knowledge it will be kept.  Just the shear number of things I got told in High School and College could make me rich if I was the type of person to use that knowledge.  However, at the same time I do not confide in others the same way.  The reason being I had done that in my past and after 1 to many bad experiences will not do so again. So, you can see from that description I may not be the best at making friends but will fight to keep the few I have made.

So to me I sometimes find myself wondering about Social Media and how those that you reconnect with are called friends. I know that with popular games people will add any strangers so they can to grow that groups membership.  This to me makes sense as I even do this practice.  However, what about those people that you actually go and look for or find you?  Are they really friends or just “Lost Souls” that may or may not really reach out to reconnect?  Are they adding you to show that they care about their old classmates or just because you where there?

I ask these questions to make people ask questions. It’s not a case of do I really want to be their friend but why did I reach out and add them?  Have I made any attempt to connect or talk to them?  They live within the same city as me; I should look them up and call them.

See things are all things we may think of doing but we often do not.  It’s so much easier to read a status message, look at pictures and read the info then really reach out.  Maybe we are afraid of the answer.  It’s probably the same reason we can interact so much better over bites and bits then face to face.  There is less physical and emotional attachment as you cannot see their facial expressions and emotions.  Is it maybe that you literally know nothing about them and have a fear of asking questions or not having anything in common?

I for one again, know that I’m am guilty of this and maybe it’s because I’ve lived so many years keeping to myself that I’m used to this.  I do let people get to see the person I am through these posts.  I also share my stories and other writings through contributing on, but even there I use an Alias.

So, what’s the point to this? I guess it’s simple for me to understand but confusing to others.   The point is to let people know that you are not alone. I see people I haven’t talked to in years on the internet and because of who I am may NEVER make the step to reach out.  I’ve had experiences in the past I do not want to relive.  I’ll read the posts, the blogs and the updates.  I’ll comment when I feel it’s important but not much more then that.  I put enough of myself into my writings that if people wish to know me they’ll get an idea through that.  If they wish to know more, well just ask.

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A Snowy Night

It’s been over 190 years and it is time that I write my story and how the beasts of legend have walked among us for all these years. My life ended one snowy winter in what is now the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was part of a fur trading group that had come across the Canadian border to try and catch some beavers in their winter habitat.

The day was November 2, 1816, and we had been in the land for 3 months already. There were 6 of us at the start of the excursion and we had 2 Indian guides. The party started out well enough we had bountiful supplies on our pack mules and equipped for at least six months.

We journeyed into the wilderness and found a perfect area to setup camp and we began to build a small cabin. It was a beautiful piece of land as there was a river to the east and plenty of trees and wildlife. There was plenty of deer and even some small bear around that we could use for food and other things. The bear fat worked for cooking and one of our guides even knew how to make candles from the fat.

So it came that by the 2nd that we had a small cabin built and it wasn’t anything special. The cabin had one main room in which we placed some hand built table and a few chairs. We where able to fashion a fire place so the bitter cold that came as seasons changed did not freeze us out. There where very small windows that where mainly there as gun ports in case we came under attack. We had no glass so they where covered with heavy pieces of bear fur to help insulate the room. The roof was angled just enough so that rain would run down the roof and every so often we did have to patch a hole now and again. Overall though I’d have to say it was a comfy place we even had cots laid out for sleeping, again we had to thank our guides for showing us how to build these comfortable cots.

We had built one other building for drying the skins and keeping them safe. We had placed a few poles in the ground around the drying hut to help protect it from animals and a few around the main building for our protection. The drying hut was smaller then our quarters but in there we had strong poles and rope so that we could hang furs from them. We also had built small shelves so that when the furs where dry we could lay them flat and add more pelts to the lines as needed.

There was one major problem that never thought about when we where setting up our camp and what we needed to protect ourselves from. We where protecting our camp from wild animals such as bears, when we should have watched for others. So it happened that fateful day that heavy snow came into the area. The snow was blinding our vision as it appeared to come at us parallel to the ground thanks to the heavy winds. This storm was the worst we’d seen so there was no choice but for all 8 of us to hunker down in the main cabin with the fire to stay warm and ride the storm out.

The storm raged all day and you could have knocked each of us out with a small loon feather when to our shock and surprise when at just after sunset that there was knocking at our door. I was nearest the door and upon looking out one of our gun slots was shocked to see 2 figures in the snow. In hindsight I should have questioned how they got here but seeing a man and a woman I opened the door and ushered them into the safety of our cabin.

Sigh, I think back now and should have seen the signs, but how was I to know such creatures where real. They where both pale with little color to their skin and the woman looked near death. We immediately did our best to make them comfortable offering them coffee, food, and seats near the fire.
The man took off his long drawn coat to expose a lean figure. He was about 6 feet tall, with dark black hair that hung to his shoulders. He had dark black eyes and his skin was nearly as white as the snow. He was dressed in simple clothing besides his jacket a pair of slacks and boots that had no business out in these woods.

The woman, sigh, well she was, and well she took our breath away. She removed the hood from her head and we all gasped. Keep in mind it had been months since any of us had seen a woman but she was gorgeous. As she removed her fur coat not one of use could stop gazing at the creature underneath. She shook her head and her long black hair fell to the mid of her back. Her eyes, I still remember those eyes today, they where black but so beautiful. She smiled at us as we all looked like buffoons staring at her with our jaws all slack and open. She was a statuesque beauty with long legs, a slender waist, and sumptuous breasts and stood a head under her companion. We all passed each other passing glances as we could not believe how she was dressed more like a skilled hunter then a woman of that era. She was wearing tighter leathers that would make any hunting trip easier as there was less bulk to conceal.

Sadly the one thing I will forever regret is not watching her companion as I offered her my seat at the fire. Before we knew what happened 5 of us where dead or unconscious. The strange man moved so quickly and effortlessly.

He was upon our faithful guides in less then a second as he grabbed both of them at the same time. He lifted them up out of the chairs, and as they looked down in awe and fear he crushed their windpipes with such a simple action of his hand it caught us all by surprise. He let their limp lifeless bodies fall to the floor and before any of us could get up and react he had swung his arms and knocked 3 others across the small room. Their bodies hit the wall of our cabin making a hard “thud” and they just collapsed onto the floor in a ragged heap.

Jacob was able to grab his pistol and fired its lone round into the man. He stopped, and then he let out the coldest laugh I have ever heard. The laugh echoed in the small cabin and sent shivers down those of us still standing and awake.

This part is hard to recall as it was so fast, but after 190 years it has remained with me. He was upon Jacob in seconds his jaw opened wider then any mans should and then I saw them. They were for the moment ivory white, growing in length his eyes slitting into a monstrous glint as the canine teeth bit, no tore into Jacobs’s neck. I grabbed the woman’s hand and started for the door. I still do not know why but she actually let me try and, sigh, let me try and rescue her. I was able to grab our coats as I headed for the door and bolted out of the cabin. She came with me and I thought, I laugh at that now, I thought we would get away.

We ran into the snow not knowing what was happening in the cabin as my only thought was to get her to safety. The storm had calmed itself and there where small flakes coming down now and it was slow running through the foot of snow the storm had left. I had planned to hide her in the drying shed, and then would go back and face this Godless creature and if I must give my life to safe her. She must have taken pity on me as we approached the drying house she stopped running so abruptly I nearly fell into the fresh snow.

I tossed her coat to her and told her to put it on before she froze as I quickly tossed my own on. She took it and just smiled at me and I forgot everything for that instant. I forgot that my friends and companions where being killed. She then walked up to me and shockingly she hugged me. I couldn’t believe what as happening till I heard a scream from the cabin. I then woke out of her spell and told her we must run or he will kill us all. She giggled slightly and just shook her head. She then spoke with a voice that would cause the birds to stop singing in jealousy.

“My, you are such a brave man for trying to assist me. You are foolish as you should recall I came with my dear brother.” I gasped realizing to late what I had done. “Ah, I can see realization crossing your face as you have just figured out what has befallen you.” I couldn’t believe it this gorgeous woman was, she couldn’t be but was one of those. I began to walk backwards not realizing I was heading toward the wall of the shed.

She just laughed again, “Oh my poor man, you should be thankful you are here with me. My brother he isn’t the kindest when it comes to devouring his meals. He plays with his food sometimes.” As she says this I yet again here a scream and a cry for help from the cabin. “Oh yes, I can see my dear brother is enjoying himself and I fear for your sake I am hungry and I must quench my thirst.”

I reach the shed and realize my life is over there is no sense in fighting what this cruel fate has brought me. I drop to my knees and hold my hands out in front of me and begin a silent prayer asking that the lord take my soul into the hereafter. She saw me doing this and was either kind to let me finish or was perplexed why a man at the moment of his death would pray instead of grovel for his life or shake in fear. She looked down at me and took a hand to fix the strands of hair that had fallen into her face during my now stupid attempt at getting her to safety.

I think back and I realize she never did ask me why I prayed to this day, but things suddenly changed. There was a commotion from the cabin and I saw Markus and Jeffery come staggering out of the cabin. They each had their long rifles on them and where trying to load them. I realized they must have come to after being thrown into the wall. The man came out after them laughing and taunting them. “Oh come, come, you two. No need to rush away and I’ll even stop and let you load your rifles and take your best shot.” The beast laughed after saying this and I saw Markus and Jeffery look at each other and load faster.

Markus was first to complete the loading sequence and some how got a shot off in that snow. The shot hit the man mid torso but nothing happened. Markus stood there in shock and began to re-load as Jeffery took his shot. Jeffery never was the brightest of our group and in his fear forgot to take the ramrod out of the rifle. So when he fired the rod ended up in the man’s chest stuck there like an arrow.

Then she spoke again the wind seemed to quiet for her voice to be heard. “My dear brother, stop playing with your evenings meal, you are taking unnecessary risk and you are allowing your body to be damaged.”

Jeffery and Markus looked over and spotted us by the shed, with me still on the ground kneeling and that woman was standing over me. “As you wish my dear sister, I will end their miserable existence now. I did say I’d allow them a shot which each has taken.” It was over for Markus and Jeffery in seconds. He was on them and his teeth now stained with Jacobs’s blood into Markus within seconds. I don’t even recall watching him leave any tracks in the snow he moved so quickly. Jeffery, well poor Jeffery he, well he just stood there in shock. As Markus’ body hit the snow a small amount of blood stained the snow. Jeffery followed shortly after and that creature having drunk his fill broke his neck. He took Jeffery’s body and tossed it into the woods for nature to have its way with his body over time.

He started to walk toward us now, and what I thought was the maker finally coming to our help Jacob appeared at the door. I stared, I couldn’t believe it he, he wasn’t dead, well yet. He was staggering the wound in his neck so horrific I did not know how he was standing. He hadn’t taken time to put a jacket on, and was instead in his slacks and his brown shirt stained with his own blood being the only thing to protect him from the cold. His eyes where focused and filled with rage as he stumbled forward in the snow a hand holding a piece of flaming firewood. I screamed telling him to go back inside not realizing it would draw attention to him.
The two creatures turned toward him as they heard my scream. She spoke, “See my brother, this is why I tell you not to toy with your food. You where in such a rush you left one still alive and kicking you fool.”

“Shut up sister, I knew what I was doing and I shall finish him now” said her brother. He moved quickly toward Jacob, I again screamed at him to go back inside and close the door. Jacob, my best friend for over 15 years, just shook his head and continued forward. I will never know what drove him forward but as the man got near he began to taunt Jacob.

The beast, the heartless, soulless creature stops in front of Jacob. Jacob stops and swings the log at him slowly missing with each slow swing. “See my sister; this is the joy of letting one live. You get to watch them struggle for their revenge for what has AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” The scream of pure terror and pain it should have shaken me to the core but instead I smiled and nearly screamed myself. Jacob had used what strength he had and slammed the piece of wood into the creatures back as he turned to gloat to his sister. Somehow it penetrated the creatures skin and into his back setting him a blaze.

The woman, her shriek was so horrendous. I can just imagine every animal within earshot running in fear from this terrible shriek. She was at Jacob in seconds and did not hesitate to finish him off with a snap of the neck. She then went over to her burning brother who had collapsed in the snow and put out the rest of the smoldering flames by scooping handfuls of snow over the burning body.

I think back and ask myself why I didn’t run or try and hide some place. However, curiosity got the best of me and I stood and watched the scene in front of me. She actually was saddened by the death of her brother. She spoke to herself asking why he had to be so foolish, saying she had warned him countless times before that his behavior would be his death. I couldn’t believe what happened next as she began to sob. There in the falling snow in the quietness of this beautiful land I stood and watched this creature show a piece of humanity. I slowly began to move toward the cabin, not sure what I’d do but, well I was getting cold.

I was just about to the door and then I heard it a shout that echoed in the wildness. “STOP!”
I froze I did not take another step as I turned and I saw her. The beauty I had seen earlier in the night had disappeared. The voice of angels was gone and had been replaced by such a sound I cannot explain it today.
“My brother is DEAD! You and your party are to blame for this, and I shall have satisfaction.”
I remember shaking in fear I may even have soiled myself at that moment, but as she approached me I somehow found my voice. I recall speaking in such hushed tones as if I was a child caught taking a fresh molasses cookie.
“This, this is”
“What you dare to speak to me after what you have done?”
I tried again a bit louder and more force in my voice.
“You cannot blame us for this. You came to our cabin and choose to use my friends, our guides and me for your dinner and entertainment.”
I couldn’t believe what happened she actually stopped and acted surprised. I thought maybe I had struck a cord with her.
“True, my brother and I did stop here but it was not my intention to toy with you men. My brother (she looks at his corpse) had the plan to toy with you and I had no problem going along as long as our hunger was satisfied. I personally was going to wait for your group to fall asleep and choose one to feed upon and leave.”
I looked at her face and body showing calm and sorrow through it. The beauty of her face returning and my longing to make her happy and protector her returned.
“So, what you are telling me is this slaughter, your brothers death did not have to happen. It is to late now and we are both alone in this wilderness now, and after you kill me you shall have your solitude.”

I could tell this stung her at the time and as I think back over the past centuries I wonder if that was not the wisest of terms to use. However, I said what I did and life has not been the same since. You see I say that because she did bite me she drank her fill but did not take me to the peaceful slumber of death I had expected, no wanted. Instead here I am at a computer typing a start to my story. As for the one turned me she is gone now, no not dead but after 100 years people do separate and I will not forget her as I grew to lover her.

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